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  • Ribbon and Wine Bottles

    Last week a customer stopped by to browse through our store and purchase some ribbon.  While most of our customers use our grosgrain and satin ribbon for hair bows, there are endless other craft projects that utilize ribbon.  It is always fascinating to discover the raw talent of so many of our customers and the things they are able to create with our large variety of craft products.

    Nancy Ann Smith with Sweet Peas Creations has been using ribbon in various ways.  She specializes in glass etching and decorating creative lighted crafts made out of recycled wine bottles.

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  • How To Tie a Gift or Sash Bow

    by Kristi   8/3/2011

    Most ribbons whether it be grosgrain, satin, organza, glitter, or even double ruffle ribbon can make a gift or package look so much better.  Wrapping a gift and completing it with a ribbon bow is not difficult and this post will go through step by step instructions how to get the best results.  I assume most readers of this blog will already know how to tie a hair-bow, but some of you bow-masters may be stumped when it comes to tying a decorative bow on the gift you are needing to take to a party.

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  • Hang Wall-Art with Ribbon!

    by Kristi   9/15/2011

    Finished Wall Art


    What a fun way to dress-up your wall art!

    Using grosgrain ribbon to "hang" your artwork adds instant character to any space! As grosgrain ribbon is available in a wide range of colors, widths, and print patterns, virtually any style of wall art can be used. This hanging method is very striking when used for picture groupings, especially if they are all in a straight row. It's also a lot of fun to select funky coordinating ribbons to hang children's framed pictures.

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  • Ribbon Cutting

    by Kristi  8/4/2011

    We had our official Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting ceremony this morning!

    The saying is that "man cannot live on bread alone", but apparently man can live on coffee alone!

    We could not keep up with the coffee intake and have almost all of our biscuits and gravy left!

    So, if anybody is in the area and has a hankering for some good old home-made biscuits and gravy, stop in!

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  • Hair-Bow with Marabou

    by Kristi    12/23/2011

    Valentine's Day 2012 Home Page Featured Item

    Nothing softens up a hair-bow like adding a piece of fluffy marabou into the mix!

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  • Korker Bobby Pins

    by Kristi   12/23/2011

    Valentine's Day 2012 Home Page Featured Item


    We all just LOVE the bobby pins as they can be decorated in so many ways and are also great for ladies as well!

    The korker hair-bows are geared more towards the little ones, but the rhinestone "bling" bobby pins can be seen worn around HairBow Center nearly every day by at least one of us.

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  • Double Ruffle Stacked Bow

    by Kristi   12/23/2011

    Valentine's Day 2012 Home Page Featured Item

    Layers of pretty ruffles in pink!


    This is a relatively easy hair-bow to make.  While the typical hair-bow is made from grosgrain ribbon, this bow is made from satin double ruffle ribbon.

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  • Ribbon Bulletin Board

    Contributed by Jen   12/11/2011


    These ribbon boards are both beautiful and useful!  Girls of all ages will love these ribbon boards whether they be used for displaying photographs or for storing hair-bows.

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