1/4" Solid Grosgrain Korker Ribbon

1/4" Solid Grosgrain Korker Ribbon

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Pre-Curled Hair-Bow Ribbon Pieces

This width of korker pieces is being discontinued. Product available only while supplies last.

Make your own korker bows!

Korker ribbon pieces are already curled for you and ready to use!

Curled length of each 1/4" grosgrain ribbon piece is approx. 50".

*Ends of each cut ribbon piece will need to be heat-sealed to prevent fraying

100% polyester


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  1. posted by esther on 2016-05-31

    How long is the 3/8" solid grosgrain korker ribbon? It does not specify the dimensions.

    thank you

    1 answer
    1. Kristi Banwart

      2016-05-31 12:09:15

      The uncurled length is approximately 84" long. The curled length is approximately 43" long.

      Uncurled length of each 3/8" grosgrain ribbon piece is approx. 84" and 43" after curling. - See more at: https://www.hairbowcenter.com/3-8-solid-grosgrain-korker-ribbon.html#sthash.ajs3nW0H.dpuf

  2. posted by Debbie Stiehler on 2018-03-12

    Are you going to get more colors in 1/4 solid Grosgrain Korker ribbon ?

    1 answer
    1. Garrett Hill

      2018-03-12 15:27:25

      The 1/4" korker ribbon is being discontinued. When the 1/4" korker runs out of stock, we will not be getting any more back in stock.

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