1" Plastic Headbands - 6 pcs

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1" Plastic Headbands - 6 pcs

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  • White
  • Clear

Woven Ribbon Plastic Headband Blanks

Let your creativity run wild!

Woven ribbon headbands are very popular for school-age girls and are a lot of fun to make!  We have 84 colors of plain grosgrain ribbon available to create almost any color combination imagineable!

Size: 1" width

Check out our DIY instructions here on how to make a woven ribbon headband for little girls, big girls, or even for yourself.

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  1. posted by Klumsy on 2016-10-05

    Do you carry 1 inch headbands with teeth?

    1 people had same question.
    1 answer
    1. Kristi Banwart

      2016-10-05 12:38:59

      HairBow Center does not currently offer plastic headband blanks with teeth. We currently only offer 1/2" and 1" plastic headband blanks in white and clear. They are smooth with rounded ends.

  2. posted by Rahmat Yarori on 2015-12-10

    Hello! What type of plastic is this made of? Thanks a bunch!

    2 answers
    1. Kristi Banwart

      2015-12-09 20:16:22

      The headband blanks are hard, flexible plastic. They will break if too much stress is applied, but they have a good amount of flexibility.

    2. Kristi Banwart

      2015-12-10 17:19:32

      The white bands are hips (High Impact Polystyrene). The clear headbands are polyethylene.

  3. posted by SCD on 2016-07-19

    What size ribbon would you use to cover this headband? Suggestions on how to do that appreciated!

    1 answer
    1. Kristi Banwart

      2016-07-19 13:35:06

      There are a few different techniques that can be used to line or wrap a headband with ribbon. The simplest method is to run a piece of ribbon along the length of the headband from tip to tip. This generally works best for headbands that are 1/2" or less. Another technique is to wrap the headband in a spiral starting at one tip. This is fast, and it works for headbands of all widths. The final and most complicated method is to weave the ribbon onto the headband. There are a number of free instructional videos online that will teach how to use this method.

  4. posted by Alison Root on 2018-03-16

    Is 1 package of 6 one inch headbands $1.79?

    1 answer
    1. Garrett Hill

      2018-03-16 12:20:11

      The stated price of $1.79 is for one package of six headbands. The headbands are sold as a lot of six pieces.

  5. posted by Joy Boucher on 2019-04-07

    I need a 18" doll size headband. Do you have any?

    1 answer
    1. Garrett Hill

      2019-04-08 11:46:16

      HairBow Center does not currently offer headbands for dolls. Our plastic headbands are designed to fit little girls and up.

  6. posted by Debra Bonilla on 2019-06-30

    Do you have 1" plastic headbands that will fit teens?

    1 answer
    1. Garrett Hill

      2019-07-01 14:18:39

      HairBow Center carries one size of headband blank in 1/2" and 1" widths. The bands measure just over 14" around from tip to tip, which is generally able to accommodate a variety of ages, including teens.

  7. posted by Jose Bacasnot on 2019-11-11

    Is the clear headband transparent or translucent. What widths are available for translucent hairbands?

    1 answer
    1. Garrett Hill

      2019-11-12 16:18:22

      Our clear plastic headband blanks are not completely transparent, but they are more transparent than translucent. They are available in 1/2" and 1" widths.

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