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DIY Lace Boot Cuffs Tutorial

How to Make your own Lace Boot Cuffs

Contributor post by Brittany

Of all the adorable lace-inspired accessories I’ve made for my daughter with HBC’s variety of beautiful lace, this is her absolute favorite! Not only do these lace boot cuffs look super sweet and stylish underneath all her boots, they only take minutes to make! I can’t believe I ever considered paying $10-$20 per pair online from specialty boutique shops, when I can make them myself for a small fraction of the price! Let’s get started! Continue reading

DIY Interchangeable Embellished Flip Flops!

How to Make Flower Flip-Flops Instructions

Contributor post by Brittany

Get ready to put a new “Spring” in your little love’s step! Take one of her fun favorites of Spring & Summer and transform them into her new go-to shoe that perfectly matches any outfit she pleases as these sandals are also interchangeable!  All you need is one pair of flip flips and 2 of your many favorite flowers from the HairBow Center!  Join me in making your new favorite shoe that is perfectly embellished in the most fabulous colors of the season! Continue reading

Ribbon Cross

The cross is the reason for the Easter season, and here at the HairBow Center, we believe the reason for every season!  Instead of gifting chocolate Easter bunnies this year, give a more meaningful gift by making some of these beautiful hand-made ribbon cross embellishments.  Attach a broach pin for ladies or a hair clip for children.  These ribbon crosses would be gorgeous in pastel satin ribbons and also in smaller sizes.  I would personally love this in either a white or deep purple shade for the symbolism of those colors.  Have a blessed Easter season! ~Kristi

craft Easter ribbon cross embellishment

Contributor post by Danielle at Korker Krazy Continue reading

Adjustable Bow Ties for Boys!

 My 7th-grade son completely floored me last week when he offhandedly mentioned that if I was out shopping, he wouldn’t mind having a bow-tie for Thur. dress-up days at school. He then admitted that there were some high school boys who had started wearing them.  I stand amazed {and in fear} in the power of “cool kids” to sway younger minds.  Had I suggested the bow tie, I can only imagine the ensuing monologue of how crazy, out-of-touch, un-stylish, un-cool, {insert un-everything else} of a mom I am.  Thankfully, I love bow-ties, so this is a win-win!  I had to giggle when I read Brittany’s “Bow Tie” post she recently submitted, and now I am off to match some ribbon colors to my sons’ dress shirts…

DIY bow tie

Contributor post by Brittany

Today I am bringing you something totally different… this post is for BOYS! That’s right, I am momentarily stepping away from the sparkles to show you how to create this absolutely ADORABLE bow tie for sweet little boys! So for all of you mommies out there that are eager to make your son something super special and creative (and not to mention super easy!) this one’s for you! Continue reading

How to make Ribbon Paperclip Bookmarks

While I (ahem) don’t see the effective utilization of a day planner in my near future {{I would first have to pay attention to my sticky note telling me to purchase one}}, I am loving this idea to mark pages of articles I want to note for future reference in my magazine stash or group like content together of the pages I have torn out and are currently not-so-tidily shoved in folders.  Embellishments can even make clutter look pretty, right?!  Thanks for sharing your great idea Cassie!


Contributor post by Cassie

Hey ya’ll, Cassie here!  It seems like a while since I have posted, but in reality it hasn’t.  I just recently switched things up a bit from doing 2 postings a month to 1. 🙂 Today, I am going to share with you my love of planner accessories!  Since October I have become to love planning more than ever. I purchased a Happy Planner {{ this can NOT be purchased at HairBow Center }} but the items you purchase from HairBow Center can be turned into some amazing accessories for your planner.

So if you love planning as much as I do or if you need a quick, easy and adorable bookmark for any reason, then this blog tutorial is perfect for you! Continue reading

Satin Rose Necklace


If you have been on HBC’s website lately, you may have seen our new, BEAUTIFUL flowers – satin roses in a variety of styles, sizes, and gorgeous colors! These satin roses are perfect for making headbands, wedding accessories, different clothing accessories, and so much more. They will add an elegant style to anything that you make with them.  Today I am going to show you how to make a simple, yet beautiful necklace using these satin roses. Let’s get started! Continue reading