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Jumbo 8 inch boutique hair bow!


Contributor post by Brittany

To celebrate the new & exciting additional HBC colors that recently became available in 2.25″ and 3″ ribbon, I am sharing something HUGE today! I was super excited about this news and decided to feature one of these beautiful colors in my next blog post! Here in Kentucky we treasure our big bows so it’s nothing unusual for my customers to say “the bigger the better!” when ordering their bows. If the feeling is mutual and you LOVE BIG BOWS, you don’t want to miss this! Continue reading

Big Girl Boutique Bow!

big-girl-boutique-bowContributor post by Brittany

Ready to size up from your tots small hair bows? Or maybe you just love BIG bows no matter your darling’s age! No matter the reasoning behind your passion for big bows, you definitely won’t want to miss this post! Today we will be making my most popular, #1 selling, customer’s all time favorite large boutique hair bow! So let’s gather up our supplies and get started!

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Perfect Polka-Dot Pigtail Hair-Bows!

Pigtail-Bow-PairContributor post by Brittany

There is something absolutely adorable about a little girl with pigtails! It is one of my personal favorites for my 2 year old, blonde hair, blue eyed princess! With warm weather and lots of fun outdoor activities ahead, it’s time to expand my pigtail bow collection with perfectly matched colors & prints for her sweet Spring/Summer wardrobe! Creating a perfect set of piggies doesn’t have to take a lot of time or require expert skills, so gather up your supplies and join me in making this classic hot pink polka-dot set!

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Easy 4 color boutique bow!

4-Color-Hair-BowContributor post by Brittany

With all the beautiful colors of Spring, who can choose just one?? When you need just a simple basic bow instead of an over the top creation, you never have to limit yourself to only ONE color again! Today I am going to show you a super simple way to incorporate 4 colors into one simple yet stunning bow! So gather up your supplies and lets get started!

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