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Basic Knotted Center Hair Bow Clip Tutorial

Instructions How to Make a Basic Easy Hair Clip Bow

Contributor post by Danielle at Korker Krazy

We are going back to the basics today with a classic DIY instructional tutorial on how to make an itty-bitty knotted center hair clippie.  These little hair-bows are small but mighty as they are popular for girls of all ages from babies to big girls needing something to hold back the hair from around their face.  This tutorial is also handy as it goes over the basics of creating and adding the traditional knotted hair-bow center that is used in almost every style and size of hair-bow and also details how to line a clip with ribbon, another essential hair-bow making skill. Continue reading

DIY Snowman Hair Clip Tutorial

DIY Snowman Hair Accessory Instructions

Contributor post by Danielle at Korker Krazy

This cheery little hair-clip will brighten your day!  These little clippies can be used in many ways other than just an adorable hair accessory.  Clip it to your shirt collar or lapel or slide it on a ribbon wrapped around a gift. Continue reading

Glitter Dragonfly Clip

DIY Dragonfly Bug Hair Clip Tutorial

Contributor post by Danielle at Korker Krazy

Even though the warm weather continues to elude us, the calendar says spring IS officially here!  While you wait for the mercury to rise, grab some pretty ribbons and make a pair of these adorable little dragonfly hair-clippies to have ready to slip on once the temps heat up (hopefully very, very soon!) Continue reading

Big Ribbon, Little Bow-Tie Tutorial!

Learn how to make your own bow-ties!

Contributor post by Danielle at Korker Krazy

Nothing says “sweet” like an adorable little bow-tie!  Whether you need to make one for a dapper little dude or want to create some bow-tie hair-bows or hair-clippies to match a Valentine’s Day outfit, the basic instructions of making a bow-tie are very easy and you can then attach the finished bow to either bow-tie hardware, a hair-clip or barrette, or sew it directly to a headband. Continue reading

Bunny Bow

DIY Easter Bunny Hair Clip Tutuorial

Contributor post by Danielle at Korker Krazy

Easter is just around the corner and it’s time to get “hopping” if you haven’t made any festive hair embellishments yet!  Lucky for you, we have an adorable little bunny hair clip tutorial to save the day.  You may already have some ribbon scraps on-hand in pastel spring-time colors that will fit the bill.

Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Ribbon Heart

DIY ribbon heart craft

Contributor post by Danielle at Korker Krazy

Whether ribbon was made for Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day for ribbons, nobody knows, but one thing is for certain; Valentine’s Day is not complete without at least a little accent of pink or red ribbon!  This adorable little ribbon heart is the classic Valentine’s embellishment and can be used in so many different ways, whether it be in your hair as a clip as shown here, on a card, or adorning a chocolate bar (our favorite!)  What a great DIY craft project that is quick and simple enough to even have your kids create some of their own for teachers, grandparents, etc. Continue reading

Peppermint Candy Hair Clip

holiday peppermint candy ribbon sculpture hair clip

Contributor post by Danielle at Korker Krazy

Grab some ribbon and a glue gun and we will whip up a tasty little holiday treat in just a few minutes time with this easy tutorial.  Even better, this one won’t make you fat, just pretty!  We all can use a few less calories but love lots of sweet this time of year, so slip this little holiday peppermint candy clip into your hair to show your Christmas spirit. Continue reading

Christmas Tree Hair Clip

DIY hand-made christmas tree hair clip

Contributor post by Danielle at Korker Krazy

The Christmas tree is one of the classic and most-loved symbols of the Christmas season, so why not wear one in your hair?  This hair clip is easy to make yourself with just a little bit of ribbon, a clip, and some hot glue.  As there are as many ways to decorate a real Christmas tree as there are colors in the rainbow, so it is with these little clips.  Make a classic green and red clip and then mix things up a little with some trendy colors. Continue reading