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DIY Lace Boot Cuffs Tutorial

How to Make your own Lace Boot Cuffs

Contributor post by Brittany

Of all the adorable lace-inspired accessories I’ve made for my daughter with HBC’s variety of beautiful lace, this is her absolute favorite! Not only do these lace boot cuffs look super sweet and stylish underneath all her boots, they only take minutes to make! I can’t believe I ever considered paying $10-$20 per pair online from specialty boutique shops, when I can make them myself for a small fraction of the price! Let’s get started! Continue reading

Lace accented double ruffle hair bow on lace headband!

lace accented ruffle ribbon hair-bow

Contributor post by Brittany

The most gorgeous boutique outfits I’ve seen all seem to have one thing in common…. LACE! With every adorable outfit comes a different color and style of lace which is why HBC’s lace collection is an absolute necessity to my collection of bow making materials! Every bow lovin’ Momma will agree her mini me’s outfit is incomplete without the perfect hair accessory! And what better way to compliment those outfits than by incorporating perfectly matching lace into your little loves hair bow? So today we are going to make a bow that is picture perfect and can be made to match all those precious outfits accents in ruffles and lace! So gather up your supplies and let’s get started making our gorgeous lace accented double ruffle hair bow, placed on a vintage lace headband! Continue reading

DIY Felt and Lace Bow Tie Hair-Bow Tutorial

diy felt lace hair-bow tutorial

Contributor post by Danielle at Korker Krazy

What could be sweeter than the combination of felt and lace?  The two pair together fabulously in this adorable little hair-bow that can be used as a baby bow, a clippie for pulling back bangs, or attached to a headband.  Lace is synonymous with Valentine’s Day, so we chose a bubblegum pink for this Valentine’s hair accessory, but you could easily switch up the colors for Christmas or any other holiday. Continue reading

How to make a no-sew vintage ruffled lace flower

ruffled lace flower tutorial

Contributor post by Brittany

HBC has me thrilled once again about a newly offered item! LACE!! Seven different kinds of lace to be exact (including 3 stretch elastic lace trim options!) that range from 3/8″ to 6.5″! Check out the beautiful variety of colors and the gorgeous details of each style of lace trim! With so many amazing options it’s easy to take your crafting projects to the next level! Whether you want to make simple lace headbands, use as accents in your over-the-top hair bow creations, make a festive table runner for the holidays, or use in scrapbooks or picture frames, the possibilities are endless! Today we are going to use lace to show you how to create a simple yet beautiful vintage ruffled lace flower. And best of all? We are making this with NO sewing! Everyone knows sewing just isn’t my favorite thing to do, so for all my fellow needle & thread haters, this is for you! Continue reading