Custom Printed Hair-Bow Display Cards - 250 to 1000 Cards

Custom Printed Hair-Bow Display Cards - 250 to 1000 Cards

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Custom Printed Hair-Bow Display Cards - 250 to 1000 Cards

Add your logo to your cards!

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Customize Custom Printed Hair-Bow Display Cards - 250 to 1000 Cards

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Custom Printed Hair-Bow Display Cards Small Color
Custom Printed Hair-Bow Display Cards - 250 to 1000 Cards

In stock



    Custom Printed Hair-Bow Retail Display Cards

    Give your professional retail image a huge step-up with our professionally printed retail display cards! 

    We have teamed together with a local print shop to be able to offer our customers our popular hair-bow display cards with custom logos/artwork printed directly on the cards.

    Artwork Details:

    • Graphics may be in either black and white/grayscale or color, and will need to be directly submitted to [email protected]  Please include with your file a note stating whether you would like the graphic placed on the left, center, or right side of the top of the display card.
    • You can browse our selection of printed bow cards on our site and use any of those designs as the background for your cards as well with your logo/artwork added to the design.  You can let us know during the design phase what print you would like to use if desired.
    • Image specs: graphics need to be saved as a .png or .pdf file at 300dpi quality to create a professional quality print and need to be a minimum of 5/8" height for the small bow cards and 1" for the large bow cards.  Larger size is preferred as they can always be scaled down, but not up.
    • There is a design charge for the initial set-up of each file and will be waived on subsequent orders as long no changes are needed to the file.  If purchasing both the small and large cards, a design fee will need to be added for each.  *We are in the process of working on a software solution that will allow customers to upload artwork directly on this page and place it on the bow-card template.  Once this feature is added and a designer is no longer needed to edit the final card layouts, the design fee will no longer be charged.
    Purchasing Details:  We will only be printing this custom product at set times so that our printer can create them in batch print jobs.  Once we are done collecting orders for the current print cycle, the printer will allow up to 2 weeks to complete all of the orders and we will then ship immediately.  Total time to receive the bow cards may be from 2-8 weeks depending on what stage of the process you place your order.
    Card sizes: 
    • Small - 3.25"Wx3.75H (will hold 2 hair-clips or small bows, or 1 medium size hair-bow)
    • Large - 4.75"Wx5.25"H (will hold 2 medium or 1 large hair-bow)



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