Browse by Color (HBC Tulle)

Hair Bow Center is proud to offer our own line of premium-quality tulle for all of your crafting needs. There are very few occasions and projects that wouldn't benefit from at least a touch of tulle! From birthday party accents to wedding décor, the delicate design element is a must.

As seasoned crafters can attest, all tulle is not created equal. Make sure you are investing in the finest quality 100% polyester tulle that has been designed to our high quality expectations. The Hair Bow Center’s assortment of the soft and dreamy material is constructed to a medium density weight that holds its shape while remaining soft. Unlike lower quality varieties, the texture holds its shape without being flimsy or stiff. Our signature line comes in a wide variety of colors from classic tones to fun hues, making it a beautiful choice for crafting, weddings, showers, parties, and decorating.

Available in 3" width rolls, 6" width rolls, 54" width bolts and in 49 colors.

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