I was excited to try this only to be let down with this new line of ribbons. It is stiff and very difficult to work with. I've been a customer of THC years and keep coming back because the quality is superior to so many on the market. However, this is nothing like their grosgrain. I'm sad that I spent so much on ribbon that I will never use.
I got this ribbon in several colors and was pleasantly surprised! I had tried other dazzle ribbon and I could barely fold it! This ribbon is stiffer yes then plain grosgrain but it does have a layer of glitter and glue so that is to expected! But this ribbon is so easy to work with! I can fold it, sew it whatever I need to do!!!!
This is a perfect almost non shedding glitter ribbon. Great for hairbows and love the colors
I love this ribbon so much! It is a little stiff, but in my opinion that makes it easier to work with. I'm pleased with how little fallout there is. Barely any glitter comes off! Great stuff!
This is one of my favorite size ribbons to work with. I just love this Dazzle glitter ribbon. It's definitely one of my favorites! :)
I absolutely love this ribbon for tutu trim. It doesn’t shed glitter and it has not frayed after being cut - no need to heat seal. Fabulous ribbon!
The color is beautiful and has a just enough glitter.
I'm back to order more colors and widths.
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