I couldn't be happier with the price, quality & gorgeous array of colors! I am a busy bow-making Mommy and this ribbon always gets rave reviews! Most of my customers prefer larger bows (made with 2.25" ribbon) so I would love to see all 75 of these gorgeous colors also available in this larger size. I love HBC!!
I ordered this ribbon for the neon colors. The orange, pink, and green were perfect. I haven't seen anything brighter. The blue and purple neon aren't as bright but they are still pretty.
I like this ribbon. I just starded making bows for my daughter and they came out cute!!
love this ribbon!! great for making super awsome bows!!
This ribbon is perfect for making hair bows!!! I love it!!!!
These ribbons are great. The material is nice and easy to work with. You can see how I use them go to
I love the color choices! Great quality but does require a stiffener if you want it to hold its shape.
My go to ribbon. So easy to work with and my customers rave about the quality. Thanks!!
This solid ribbon is always perfect.
This ribbon is so easy to work with and makes a great bow. After stiffening the finished bow I could hardly tell the difference between this ribbon and the Schiff!
I absolutely LOVE this ribbon! Great price, excellent quality, and amazing selection of colors!
I love this ribbon!!! Its great for making large boutique bows and holds it shape really well!!! I want it in every color!!!
Holds its shape super good for such a flexible ribbon highly recommend
Perfect for making hair bows!! Easy to work with and twist!
I order atleast twice a month, and i luv every single one of them
The prices are just unbelievably affordable and the quality is amazing!!! I love every single one I have ordered. I have ordered several colors and I hope to start getting larger quantities now because that's where the biggest savings is!!! Keep it up HBC!!! You are the best!!!
I just ordered a lot of these ribbons today. I know the colors and quality are good because I ordered the color card. As soon as I got it I started to make my ribbon order, so many great colors I had a hard time choosing. I know I will be back ordering more from the ones I haven't yet.
Loved the design of this product. Great quality and perfect for any craft making projects.
Pros: This ribbon has the perfect amount of shine to it, and the bows I have made with this do hold their shape. I used to be in love with Schiff ribbon, but this ribbon is SO much easier to work with. Don't hesitate to purchase! Great price for what you receive as well! Cons: The consistencies do vary slightly which is noticeable if you order several spools- for example, the Poppy Red I received was a little bit stiffer than the Mint. Also, I found that the tape used to secure the ribbon left some residue. And 2 of the ribbons I got were not spooled which was a disappointment, as I like to be organized. I highly recommend this product overall!
The price is unbelievable and they offer so many more colors than hobby lobby and joanns and its cheaper!!!
i use this to make keychain cheer bows and its perfect! never had any problems with it! although i suggest ordering a color chart because ive had times where the color online looks different than the color you get
I have been purchasing from this company for quiet a while now and I love everything about the products. The only thing though I am disappointed with about purchasing these ribbons is the way they place tape on the ribbon. IT makes me have to waste the ribbon because of the way it looks once I take that tape off of it. it's not as bad on 3/8 ribbon but on larger sizes I'm having to waste. I would like it if you guys find another way of packaging. I would rather place a pin in the ribbon rather than tape. Other than that I'm always happy with what I purchase.
HBC solids are sooooo great! The price is great, quality is great!
1.5" is my favorite size ribbon to work with and HBC Solid Grosgrain is exactly what I was hoping it would be, beautiful colors and easy to work with.
best quality and really good price too anywhere else you go 1.5 can be over priced not here though you get only the best
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