These are great alligator clips. Very sturdy & strong! Not to mention the fabulous price. You will NOT regret purchasing these!! :)
Great quality and unheard of price!
The price of these clips is unbeatable!! I have used thousands of these clips, and for the most part I am pleased with them, but here lately I have been receiving a LOT of damaged clips. The company is GREAT about replacing them but I am getting tired having to call and complain all the time. I really like HBC, shipping is FAST, the quality is great, so I will continue shopping here, just wish I didn't have to complain about the damaged clips.
Amazing clips, I've bought many that don't seem as sturdy, these are great I will definitely be buying more!!!
It is great for the price. They hold good and easy to work with. Very happy with my clips. Want to see how i use them go to
Lined them with grosgrain ribbon and you are good to go!
I ordered to try out, surprised to find they are a great deal. Will order again
The price is great for these clips. They hold well and there are far fewer bent or defective clips then from other sellers. I always come back for more.
Love using these for bows and flowers. Also,use them to,hold material,in place as I sew! Great price.
These clips are very high quality and are for the best price I have found! A few clips are a little bent but easily bent back!!
Wonderful quality perfect for hairbows and shabby flowers
These clips are my favorite!! My customers love that the clips I use for my bows seem to be stronger and tighter than others. I use them for my little girls as well and will not buy from anywhere else. They are the best!
my customers love these I rarely have a customer who don't want these!! great prices
I have literally used thousands of alligator clips from other suppliers, these from the Hair Bow Center are definitely the best quality.
These alligator clips are the best value ever for the price! They are excellent quality! I always buy the 144 quantity pack!
I love the tension on Hair Bow Center alligator clips. They hold wonderfully! A quality product for sure.
The 1.75" clips are my go-to clip for all clippies and small bows. They are sturdy and well made!
They're great quality and best of all even better price!
Great quality, fabulous price and around here, it is hard to find these in bulk, much less for a great price like this.
These are great quality clips at a great price! I only buy clips here at hairbow center!
These are exactly what I was looking for. Quality is great and super fast shipping! Will be ordering again!
I have purchased these clips over and over from HBC for many years. They are consistently great quality clips with a great amount of tension. They hold in hair well. I almost never come across a clip that I can't use and I buy these in quantities of 1000 or more at a time! Great value, especially with HBC's great pricing on shipping!
My favorite to work with. Easy to use. Looks great with different types of bows. A must have!
the clip are as expected the only thing is that there were like 20 clips broken from 2000 clips that i bought, but in my experience from other sites this is the one that i recieve less broken clips.
I love these I will continue to purchase from HBC. Love the quality and that the bag is marked with size.
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