These are the greatest clips, I highly recommend them!!
These clips are great for my larger bows! I've bought clips from all different places, but I'll never buy anywhere else again! High quality and an excellent price!
I just received my new clips all I can say is I will never ever everrr buy my clips from anywhere else! They are exactly what they say they are! An very strong! An a unbeatable price! Thank you so very very much! I will forever be a loyal customer! :)
I was having a hard time finding alligator clips in this larger size til I came across Hair Bow Center. They are cheaper than the smaller ones I first ordered somewhere else. Love that I found this site.
These clips were perfect for medium to large bows, loved the quality!
These clips are PERFECT for 5+ inch bows! The smaller ones seem to be too small, and not everyone likes the barettes.
I Love these clips!! So sturdy and hold really well! I will only buy my clips from HBC!
I was disappointed to find that out of the large bag of these, only about 3/4th of them were usable. The rest were so tight that they wouldn't close once they were opened unless you physically pinched them back together. That's not the quality of product that I send out with my bows and was surprised it's the quality that HairBowCenter is happy with.
My favorite to work with. Easy to use. Looks great with different types of bows. A must have!
I have to say these clips are the strongest "alligator" clips I've ever purchased. They don't feel flimsy, and their length makes them perfect for hair. I get a few that are stiff & don't want to open but that's only 1-2 out of a bag of 144.
I was really excited to find this size clip available at HBC. In stores the clips are either large or small, and didn't really work well with the bows I was making, but these are great!!!
such an amazing price for the quality and quantity. love this product and store
I will be ordering this clip again.
Stronger than any clip I have come across. Will definitely be back for more!
Great for large bows! I will be purchasing more ASAP!
Very good clips hold in the hair great will definitely purchase again
I like these nice size.
Mary Anne
This size of clips are hard to find, I've ordered them from HBC quite a few times, perfect size for medium to large hairbows and handmade flower clips. Strong clips and great quality.
perfect for larger bows
Love the variety of clips you guys offer. Different bows, different clips..
Great size, great quality. Ordering more!
These are top notch clips! I will only purchase from this company!
Not happy with these clips this time So many of them are defected , and the rest don't open as strong as those I got before. Won't buy again
I love these larger clips for big bows!! They are so sturdy perfect for 6" and bigger bows!
I typically purchase the smaller alligator clips for hair bows, but recently decided to go up a size for my larger designs. These are perfect: sturdy, and great quality!
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