I bought this ribbon to make cheer bows. And it worked perfect for making layered cheer bows. I've made cheer bows with just this ribbon and had to add a ton of starch.
I love this grosgrain. I own a bow company where I use 3" grosgrain on a daily basis and this grosgrain is perfect for any use. Works great as a backing on any bow or just a simple solid bow. 100% recommend to anyone in need of some fabulous ribbon. Also love all of the color options.
Perfect for making hair bows!! Easy to work with and twist!
I use this ribbon to make cheer bows and have never had any problems with it! its not extremely stiff but its also not flimsy its somewhere in the middle. once i bought from hair bow center ive been a regular customber ever since. Its perfect for bow making!
Ribbon was perfect for what I needed it for. It's a little thinner than the offray.
I love their solid grosgrain quality!! My go-to!
I ordered ribbon and it shipped the same day! The quality was AWESOME!
The ribbon is very good, and is a great price! The only problem is they increments in which it is sold are too small ie 3 yds, or too large ie 100 yds. I would love it if they sold 5 or 10 yds.
I love the HBC solid ribbon line, but I'm not completely happy with this size... When making bows with this size ribbon it is a bit too flimsy to get a good shape, I make do though. I would also much prefer 5 and 10 yard increments, as I use 1.25yard for each bow.
Hbc has the best ribbon quality at the best prices!
Love the prices! Was able to make bows for our entire softball team for way less than what I had expected!! Prompt shipping and great customer service!
I love this grosgrain ribbon!! I own a cheer bow company and this ribbon holds up to our cheerleaders wear and tear! Love the color variety! Will purchase again!
I love the color selection of the ribbon and the price but it was very thin and hard to work with. It worked fine when I glued it to a fabric but unfortunately I wasn't able to use it by itself. If you want a thicker and sturdier ribbon make sure to checkout the schiff ribbon they offer because it's worth paying a little extra!
Love this size ribbon for using for Cheer/Softball Bows, a little extra loving makes it all right
This ribbon is perfect for cheer bows. Most of my bows are two layers thick, so I did not feel like this ribbon was too thin.
Was very glad when you guys got wider ribbon. Hopefully eventually you'll get polka dots or stripes in this width
This ribbon is perfect for the cheer bows my girls wanted. I will definitely be purchasing more.
The quality of this grosgrain ribbon is amazing!! I am very impressed with the variety of colors go to place for grosgrain!!
I use the 3 inch ribbon in my cheer bows and it is much higher quality than what you find at the local craft store
Bought this in the Key Lime while schiff was backordered on neon green, customer thought this was an adequate color for practice. I like this ribbon. It is a little slippery but holds shape well. The color selection is also nice.
Wonderful ribbon. Beautiful colors and great quality. I will not use no other brand.
I use this for cheer bows and I love it. I only wish it came in a 5yd option!
This is a great deal for the price. Usually the ribbon is of great quality, but on one occasion, the ribbon had a run down the middle of it. I could still use it for the bows I was making, but if they had been straight ribbon bows, I would have had to buy all new ribbon. My other complaine would be that when I buy 25 yds I have a specific # of bows I plan to make and sometimes the 25yds is not in one roll and this ruins it and I run out of ribbon.
I use this ribbon to make my cheer bows. The quality of the ribbon is much better than what I used to buy, but it is not too expensive. I am definitely purchasing all of my cheer bow ribbon (probably all of my ribbon for my hair bows) from HBC!
Love this ribbon! Great cor and easy to work with!
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