I love the huge variety offered of beautiful, bright colors! The quality is superb & price is unbeatable!
What a fabulous selection of colors! Great quality for hair bows, though keep in mind that this ribbon is not as stiff as some other brands. I love it!
I've bought so much of this ribbon and I keep using it so I'm buying more all the time! I'll never buy ribbon from anywhere else, customer for LIFE!!!!!
This is by far the best solid grosgrain you will ever use. I'm so happy I found HBC, can't wait to order more!
Ann Marie
I like this ribbon and the price is great. The colors are very vibrant. I just wish it was a little less shiny.
These are some of the best quality ribbons around!!
Love this ribbon! The colors are so vibrant! My go-to site for solids! :)
I ordered this ribbon in neon pink and LOVE it!! So bright!
Absolutely love the HBC collection of grosgrain ribbon! It is great to work with and the variety of color options is unbeatable!
I love all the color options for HBC ribbon! Can match everything from 1/8" to 4"! Love it!!!
I absolutely love this ribbon. Its flexible and perfect for bow making.
I wasn't sure if I would like the quality of this ribbon at first, but after I got it and worked with it, I love it!!! Its not quite as stiff as some brands but it hold its shape pretty well and for the price its definetely my favorite ribbon! Plus the colors are so bright and pretty!!!
Etta Lee
I have been buying from HBC for a while now and I love this ribbon!! It keeps me coming back for more & their prices are great!!
HBC is my go to shop for all my solid/polka dot ribbon needs for my bow store. The ribbon has a great texture, and is great for bow making. It really is a great quality! HBC has been my ribbon shop for the past 3 years. I have used ribbon from many other places and HBC is the best to work with by far. VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER! :)
Quality is just amazing! This is just beautiful ribbon! The prices are affordable for any budget even for beginners or just starting out which is where I am! So amazing! Can't wait to get every color and in the big rolls!!! Keep it up HBC! Signed, Forever customer :)
I just ordered a lot of these ribbons today. I know the colors and quality are good because I ordered the color card. As soon as I got it I started to make my ribbon order, so many great colors I had a hard time choosing. I know I will be back ordering more from the ones I haven't yet.
Love Love Love this ribbon!! I originally ordered a convenience pack and feel in love with the quality so I recently purchased 50 yards of a few colors I use the most!
My favorite ribbon. Lots of great colors to choose from. I always buy my solid colors from HBC.
Quality is just amazing!
i will only buy my solids from HBC they are the best quality to use for bows the colors are exactly what they are suppose to be and i never have any issues
I can't believe the incredible colors and quality of HBC's ribbon!!! I will keep coming back for sure!
Great Selection!
I love their solid grosgrain quality!! My go-to!
Not only is the quality great, the price is fantastic as well. The color selection is huge compared to other ribbon stores.
This ribbon is great! The colors are just like what are pictured. Great price too
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