Great for older girls, teens or even adults! Very high quality, soft & strong nylon that will not damage hair. Great price!
Loves these for ponytail streamers
I do strictly cheerleading hairbows and these are amazing. We always had trouble with the hair bands that were glued together breaking cause the girls would pull them so tight so they stayed in the hair. These are just what we have been looking for. They can't break. Make me a happy bow maker!! Only place I buy these from now.
I love these ponytail holders!! They are super stretchy and ouch free since there is no glue. Perfect for ponytails!!
A must buy! I will never buy from anyone else again. I wore one of these for 13 days straight and never stretched out!
I use these for all my Cheer Bows!! My customers love them!! Are perfect for thick hair!!!
These hairbands are the most amazing quality. I use them for hair bows as well as my personal use because they don't stretch out. I refuse to purchase them anywhere else.
I got these in the mail, and they are perfect. Much better than I expected. Will order again.
I received a request to make hair bows with ponytail holders for a softball team. I wasn't sure which ponytail holders to purchase, as I wanted something sturdy that wouldn't snap and break. After reading the reviews, these seemed like the ones to try. I am so glad I did! These are now the pony tail holders I will exclusively use to make cheer, softball, soccer, etc. bows! In addition, they are now the only ponytail holders that both my daughter and I use.
I've been using these on cheer bows for a year now. No risk of breaking. They do get stretched out over time, but it's not an issue IMO other than wrapping more times. I also have a daughter with thick hair that uses these because they actually hold in her hair. Another team has s few girls with braids that they can stretch these enough for their hair as well with no risk of breakage.
These are our favorite pony tail holders. They come out of my daughters hair easily at the end of the day without tangles and breakage. Love the assortment of colors to match all of my ribbon.
Purchased for the first time, and these ponytail holders are great, will never buy anything else!
Not intended for thin or fine hair.
I have been looking for this type of ponytail holder for a long time! I have thick hair, and the traditional elastic bands give me such a headache. These provide perfect, secure hold and are soooo soft and comfortable. They’re crazy-affordable as well!
got for pony o's great quality but might of got the wrong size.
These are the Best Hair Ties ever. Stay in my daughters hair perfect. Great price for those who tend to always lose hair ties.
These are studier than I thought, I have been using them for my cheer bows and have not had any issues.
My daughter has long thick hair and these are her absolute favorite! She has her up in a ponytail everyday so these holders are a must in our house/
I have bought thousands of these for my cheer bow business. You can't beat 1000 hair ties for under $90! I can rest easy knowing that when I ship bows to gyms in other states, they will be able to wear their bows all season.
I switched to these hairties several years ago and have never looked back! They do not break!! Not a better option out there when making cheerleading bows!
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