RipLaces No-Tie Shoe Lacing System

RipLaces No-Tie Shoe Lacing System

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RipLaces No-Tie Shoe Lacing System

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RipLaces No-Tie Shoe Lacing System

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    RipLaces No-Tie Shoe Lacing System

    RipLaces no-tie shoe lacing system offers a flexible and comfortable fit with the ease of slip-on shoes, making them perfect for children, cheer teams, runners and athletes, and anyone struggling with common tie shoe laces.  Any lace-up shoe can be used with the RipLaces system as the bungee pack contains a variety of sizes designed to fit children to adult shoes.  The remaining unused bungees can be used as hair-ties or paired with the plastic cores and made into trendy wristlets.

    Description from the manufacturer:  The bungee and core combo makes up our innovative no tie shoelace system.  The Bungees come in five different sizes, with 12 Bungees for each size, so you get a total of 60 Bungees to provide the custom fit you select at each eyelet. The core holds the bungee in place at each eyelet and allows you to choose custom colors. So make your own cool combination of bungees and cores.

    Bungee Pack: contains 60 various sized bungees to accomodate all shoe sizes

    Core Pack:  contains 14 plastic cores.

    • Skinny cores: 1 1/8" x 1/4"
    • Mini cores: 3/4" x 1/4"

    *Please note that a bungee pack and a core pack are both needed to complete the kit.  They can be purchased individually if a replacement is needed, but both are required to complete one original set.

    I've used Riplaces for two years in all of my shoes that require laces, and I absolutely love them! They are fully adjustable, and customizable to fit my feet perfectly. I also put them in my kids shoes, and they like picking out the fun colors to make there shoes look cool. They make it easier to slide your shoes on and off. I honestly can't think of one negative thing to say about Riplaces! -Riplaces customer

    These laces will revolutionize the sneaker experience.
    As an athlete they function better than regular laces. As a mom of three, the kids can slip on their sneakers in seconds without the cumbersome "shoe lace tying".
    Great for all ages of people on the go! And they look cool too!
    These riplaces, will replace standard laces. - Riplaces customer

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