How are my shipping charges calculated?

Carrier api's are used to calculate your charges based on weight and destination. HairBow Center passes on its FedEx account rates to its customers. The promotional flat rate shipping of $4.99 for orders of $50 or more is either USPS Priority Mail or FedEx Ground, whichever option is more economical for HairBow Center. Our rate of $4.99 does not alter the carrier's actual rate. However, in an attempt to make shipping more affordable, HairBow Center subsidizes the cost of shipping.

Can my FedEx package be delivered to my post office box?

Only packages delivered by the United States Postal Service can be delivered to a post office box. FedEx Ground/Home Delivery and FedEx Priority Overnight packages can only be delivered to a valid street address.

How can I track my order after it ships?

Once your order ships, you will receive a confirmation email at the address provided in your HairBow Center account. Simply click on the tracking link in the email to view your tracking information. Please allow up to one business day for initial tracking updates to be applied. If you do not receive a shipping confirmation email, please contact our customer service department. One of our representatives will be happy provide you with your tracking number.

Who do I contact if my order has not arrived?

Most carriers (i.e. UPS, FedEx, USPS) require that the sender contact them regarding any problems that arise during the shipping process. Most likely, as the recipient, you will be asked by the carrier to contact HairBow Center with any problems that you experience. These problems include but are not limited to delayed delivery times, damage to package and/or package contents, lost packages, missing items, and misdelivered packages.

Does HairBow Center offer exchanges?

HairBow Center does not offer exchanges.

Can my package be shipped using my FedEx or UPS account number?

HairBow Center does not currently ship through UPS. We use FedEx's shipping services and pass our FedEx account rates on to our customers. We do not currently ship through customers' UPS or FedEx accounts.

When I use PayPal Express checkout, when do I select my shipping address?

A customer may choose to checkout via PayPal Express. Whether a customer chooses the yellow and blue "Check out with PayPal" button located in the shopping bag or selects the blue and white "PayPal" payment button during the regular checkout process, he or she will be directed to PayPal. After logging into PayPal, the customer will authorize the payment to HairBow Center and will select the appropriate shipping address. An order which is paid through PayPal Express checkout will always reflect the shipping address which is either listed as the default in the customer's PayPal account or is selected from the list of addresses in the customer's PayPal account. If an address is entered into the website during the regular checkout process, the shipping address from PayPal will replace it once checkout is complete. It is very important to double check all order information including billing and shipping names and addresses before and after submitting an order. If a customer would like to make a change to the shipping address, he or she may contact our customer service department prior to shipment to make the change. Any additional shipping charges resulting from the change in address will be the responsibility of the customer. No address changes are able to be made once the order has been shipped.

When will my order ship?

HairBow Center prides itself on great service, and we strive to ship orders same-day if received by 1pm CST. This only applies to business days, and does not include weekends or federal holidays. *Same-day shipping is not guaranteed as there are times we are not able to process all orders due to large order volumes such as after an extended weekend or a sale or special promotion. Please expect a 1-2 day processing delay if ordering during a sale.

When can I expect to receive my order after it ships?

Once an order ships, its delivery time depends on the method chosen. USPS First Class Mail is expected within 3-5 business days after the day of shipping, while USPS Priority Mail is expected within 2-3 business days after the day of shipping. FedEx Ground is guaranteed within 1-3 business days. FedEx Priority Overnight is guaranteed on the next business day after the day of shipping by 10:30 a.m. to most U.S. addresses; by noon, 4:30 p.m. or 5 p.m. in remote areas. International methods such as USPS First Class Package Intl and USPS Priority Mail Intl generally take 5-45 days for delivery. FedEx Intl Economy is guaranteed within 2-6 business days but is not available to all destinations. HBC International Shipping is estimated at 7-45 days. *USPS First Class Mail and USPS Priority Mail services do not offer a guaranteed delivery date. Their respective delivery times of 3-5 business days and 2-3 business days are estimations only.

What do I do if I submitted a duplicate transaction for my order?

In the event of a duplicate transaction, please contact HairBow Center as soon as possible. If a double payment was submitted, a HairBow Center representative will make arrangements for the duplicate transaction to be refunded. Duplicate transactions issued through PayPal may be refunded on the same day as the original transaction. However, duplicate transactions submitted through a credit card may not be refunded on the same business day as the original payment was submitted. *In the event of a duplicate transaction, please contact HairBow Center before contacting your credit card company or PayPal. Any claims/reversals initiated through your credit card company or PayPal will prohibit HairBow Center from taking steps toward refunding the duplicate transaction while the claims/reversals are ongoing.

What do I do if my credit card payment is declined?

If your credit card payment is declined, the first step is to ensure that all card information, including the card number, expiration, CVN, and holder name, is correct. Next, verify that the billing address you entered on the website exactly matches the billing address that your credit card company has on file. Wait at least 90 seconds between transaction submission attempts. If your card continues to be declined, you should contact your credit card company to verify your account balance, billing/card information, and to ensure that security measures are not prohibiting a successful transaction.

What payment methods are accepted at HairBow Center?

HairBow Center accepts all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) and PayPal.

What do I do if I receive a damaged or defective item?

HairBow Center works hard to provide top-quality products for our customers. On rare occasion, an item may be damaged in shipping, or a defective product may slip past our quality control. HairBow Center will replace the damaged/defective item- 100% free of cost to our customer. *Proof of the damage or defect is required before the item will be replaced. HairBow Center may request that the damaged or defective item be returned at no charge to the customer.

What do I do if I receive an incorrect item?

HairBow Center utilizes a system in which every item on your order is double-checked to ensure that you are shipped the correct items. However, in the event that you receive an incorrect item, contact our customer service department, and HairBow Center will send the correct item at no additional cost to you. *HairBow Center may require proof of the incorrect item. HairBow Center will make arrangements for the return of the incorrect item at no cost to you.

What do I do if my order is missing items?

If you receive your order and find that your package is missing items listed on your packing slip, contact HairBow Center as soon as possible. Most cases involving missing items are resolved on the same day as received. However, there are occasions that may require HairBow Center to investigate the matter further.

What do I do if I ordered the wrong item?

If your order contains an item which you ordered by mistake, you may contact customer service before your order ships to make the correction. If you receive an item which you ordered by mistake, you may return the item for a full refund of the purchase price. You may place a new order for the correct item at your earliest convenience. * HairBow Center does not offer exchanges.

Do I need to enter a coupon code to receive sale discounts?

When HairBow Center launches a sale or promotion, the promotional discounts have already been applied to the applicable products for your convenience. There is no need to enter a coupon code. You will notice that the original price has been crossed out, and the sale price is next to it.

When does HairBow Center runs sales and promotions?

HairBow Center runs sales during most major holidays. However, the promotional discounts and the length of the promotional period are unknown until just before the sale is launched.

Can I receive sales/promotions after they expire?

We strive to treat all of our customers equally. Because of this, HairBow Center does not offer sale discounts outside of the promotional period. Once a sale has ended, the discounts are no longer available. If you are not able to take advantage of one of our sales, do not worry. We commonly offer sales during major holidays. Keep in mind, however, that sales/promotions are offered at the discretion of HairBow Center.

Does HairBow Center offer international shipping?

HairBow Center ships all over the world? Currently, no countries are excluded by HairBow Center.

How can I receive an international shipping quote for my items?

HairBow Center offers a variety of shipping methods for international customers. To receive a shipping quote, place the desired items into your shopping cart. Next, click into your shopping cart. Under "Estimate Shipping and Tax" located on the right side of the screen, enter your country and postal code. Click "Get a Quote" to view the available shipping methods along with the carrier fee of each.

How long does it take to receive an international order?

For information on the transit times of international shipping methods, please visit https://www.hairbowcenter.com/international-customers.

Can I return clearance/limited time offer products for refund?

Neither clearance nor limited-time-offer products may be returned for refund. All sales are final on these products.

What is HairBow Center's return policy?

HairBow Center does accept returns for refund. Returns must be received within 45 days of the original transaction date to receive a refund. All returned items must be unused and in original condition as sent to you. Once received, HairBow Center will process and refund the item(s) within 15 days. Returned items will be subject to a 5% restocking fee. Please send returns to: HairBow Center Attn: Returns 2326 Kansas Road Fort Scott, KS 66701 Please send returns with a copy of your packing slip stating that you are returning the item(s) for refund. Sending a return without a packing slip may result in a delay in processing your return. *Orginal shipping costs shall not be refunded in part or in whole for items returned for refund. The customer is responsible for return shipping costs. Closeout and discontinued items are not eligible for return. All sales are final on closeout and discontinued items.

When will I receive a refund for my returned items?

Refunds for returned items will be issued within 15 days of receipt.

Does HairBow Center offer product exchanges?

The HairBow Center does not offer product exchanges.

How do I edit my order?

As the customer, you do not have the ability to alter your order through your account once it has been placed. However, if your order has not been shipped, you may contact our customer service department for instructions on placing a new order to combine with your existing order. Our customer service can be contacted by phone at 620-223-9898 or by email at customerservice@hairbowcenter.com. HairBow Center representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8am-4pm CST. *Once an order has shipped, it cannot be canceled or combined with another order.

When can I edit my order?

HairBow Center does not currently have the ability to add to or edit an existing order. If your order has not shipped, you may place a new order for the additional items to be combined with your original order. Please contact our customer service department prior to placing an order for your additional items as shipping charges will have to be reassessed.

When will tracking updates for my order become available?

Tracking updates will not be immediately available when you receive your shipping confirmation email. Although the postage for your package has been printed, updates will not begin showing up until the carrier has scanned the package into their system. Updates generally become available by 6pm CST, but it can take up to 24 hours for updates to become available.

How do I contact customer service after regular business hours?

If contacting HairBow Center after hours, you may leave a voicemail to be answered on the next business morning. Please leave your contact information including name and phone number as well as your order number and the reason for your call. You may also choose to send an email to our customer service. Again, please include your name, order number, and reason you are contacting us.

How do I contact customer service?

Please refer to the "Contact Us" section of the wesite located at the top of our homepage.

When are customer service representatives available?

Customer service representatives are available during our regular busines hours Monday thru Friday from 9am-4pm CST. *Excluding federal holidays.

Do my reward points expire?

Reward points which are earned for purchases and product reviews expire after 365 days. Birthday rewards expire after six months. Customers will receive an email notification to alert them that their points are about to expire.

How do I become a member of HairBow Center's reward points program?

HairBow Center customers are automatically enrolled in our reward points program when they create an account. If you do not have a HairBow Center account, you can create one at https://www.hairbowcenter.com/customer/account/create. Customers must be logged into their HairBow Center accounts to earn and to redeem reward points. For more information on our reward points program, please visit https://www.hairbowcenter.com/rewards-program.

When will I receive my reward points for the product reviews that I have submitted?

HairBow Center strives to review and approve customer product reviews every business day. Once your product review has been approved, your review will be posted to the live site, and your reward points will be added to your account balance.

How do I use my reward points

Learn more about reward points at https://www.hairbowcenter.com/rewards-program

How do I become a HairBow Center wholesale customer?

HairBow Center offers a competitive, site-wide wholesale program. General information is available at https://www.hairbowcenter.com/wholesale-ribbon. If you believe our wholesale program is right for you, please email customerservice@hairbowcenter.com for detailed information on wholesale discounts, annual minimums, and the next step to becoming a HairBow Center wholesale customer.

Can wholesale customers take advantage of retail incentives?

Wholesale customers do not receive retail incentives such as $3.99 flat rate shipping and reward points. Instead, wholesale customers receive percent discounts on different product categories. Wholesale customers pay the full carrier cost of shipping. In the event that HairBow Center runs a sale, wholesale customers will receive either their wholesale discount or the promotional discount, whichever discount is larger.

When can I expect my wholesale order to be shipped?

At HairBow Center, we pride ourselves on shipping quickly. We understand that customers have deadlines to meet, and for this reason, we do not backorder. If you can place an order for a product, it is in stock and ready to be shipped. We strive to ship wholesale orders within one business day after being placed.