Take your hair accessory projects next-level with our wide assortment of embellishments whether it be a sparkling bling cheer bow, baby floral headbands, or over-the-top hair-bow.

Our shelves are overflowing with gorgeous hair flowers in all shapes, sizes, and colors ready to attach to headbands, hair clips, or cluster together in stunning floral arrangements for multitudes of crafting purposes! The HairBow Center’s collection of flat-backed floral hair embellishments can be used for hair accessories, scrapbooks, paper crafts, and any other projects that could use a floral touch or embellishment.  Crafters can also choose amongst a wide range of adorable flatback embellishments to make their hair bows and accessories even more unique. With so many different designs and themes to pick from, flatback resins are a great way to capture a little fashionista’s personality. From sporty girls to animal lovers, the HairBow Center has a themed embellishment for everyone. 

Finish your over-the-top hair-bow with a bottle-cap center or rhinestone bling center.  You will also find a large assortment of rhinestone heat transfers to add a little extra razzle-dazzle to girly bows or to create large cheer bows.  Make your bows custom with a monogram rhinestone letter.

Need a ribbon for your project? Browse our large ribbon collection to find just what you are looking for!

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