Very professional look to them; my customers love how they truly "finish off" a product! They arent all bent and scuffed like some I bought at another (awful) boutique supplier company (not to mention I paid about 3x as much as HBC!
Excellent quality! The perfect foundation for making headbands, attaching feathers, ect! Great price!
Loved using them to finish off my products. Gives them a professional look at a great price.
I use these on the back of a mini korker or a mini loopy puff bow and it covers the back where all the ends meet perfectly! Essential for the final polished professional look!!! Can't beat the price either! Love me some HBC!
Great for headbands and bows! I'm almost out will definitely order more
Love Your Stuff HBC!
I love these they are perfect!!!!
I should have guessed based on the price that they were going to be very thin. They are almost like paper. I have always gotten quality products here so I never questioned this item. I would have expected it to say that these are wool and not regular. I would have never purchased them. I'm not out much money since I only ordered 2 packs of each, but it is a great inconvenience because now I don't have what I need to finish my orders. I had the opportunity to buy some quality ones from Hobby Lobby but passed them up because I had a shipment coming. I am disabled and don't get out of the house often and with Hobby Lobby being nearly 30 minutes away it isn't easy to go back to purchase what I need. I wish I had just gotten them when I was there despite the pending shipment I had coming. This is going to hurt my business. I really like HBC which is why I'm left do disappointed.
Perfect way to finish off a headband. They keep bows from leaving marks and looks very polished.
Extremely thin and they are about 3/4 of an inch very disappointing!
While thinner then others I have seen, I like them. I don't like my items to be too bulky. I find these still very soft to the touch.
The felt circles are thinner than what I was expecting but still useable. I put them on the back of my flowers that I attach to the headbands.
I like these the way they are. I like that they are thinner because they don't make the headbands bulky.
After reading several other reviews I was a little hesitant about getting these. However, I went ahead and purchased 2 packs. 1 - black and 1 - white. They are absolutely PERFECT for hair bows and headbands. They are not as thick as a regular pieces of felt, however... when working with small "shabby" flowers etc. for headbands, these are great. I didn't want them to be too thick and bulky anyways. So, if you plan to use these for a headband or hair bow project - I do recommend 100%
Liked these alot just a little smaller than i expected so I had to use 2 at a time but they are still wonderful products
These are perfect for my crafting needs. I actually love that they are thin, I don't like the thick ones so these are perfect. If I had 1 suggestion it would be to sell them packaged in larger quantities(50, 100 etc.) But overall love them and will definitely be back for more.
love that you offer these at a great price. one last thing I have to cut. lol love it
Absolute necessity for making hair bows! saves me time from cutting felt. these are a little small but that was my fault for not actually measuring a 1 inch circle before I ordered. I will just get the bigger ones and tear drop shaped ones next time.
Felt circles are made from a very thin felt. Worked for light bows and flowers but for anything of substance, heavyweight, you would need to double up.
These circles are the perfect size for gluing flowers onto head bands. Thick and sturdy and the glue doesn't come thru them! Great price too!
You can do lots and lots with 1" pads. I will be ordering again.
I don't have a problem cutting felt for hair bows and headbands, but using these is SO much easier! And, they pair wonderfully with HBC's double-sided adhesive dots.
Great quality and price
Great for Piggie size hairbows and saved so much time not having to cut them out myself, love them!
Great price & cut right! Perfect size for shabby flower headbands.
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