2 1/2" Wired Ribbon Black/White Cow


Wired Ribbon | Farmhouse Black and White Cow Animal Print

Get creative with our 2.5" wired craft ribbon!

Constructed of a white woven fabric ribbon base with a country black cow animal print design. This ribbon would make a beautiful addition to packaging gifts, floral arrangements, and holiday-themed decor such as adding to garlands, trees, wreaths, etc.

This particular fabric is similar to a soft drapey cotton that offers a more organic appearance with folds and waves when formed into loops and bows.  The wired edges are very stiff and will hold their shape, but the inner fabric is soft which provides delightful visual interest.

Wired ribbons have a thin monofilament wire along the edges of the ribbon that help the ribbon to be shaped into beautiful loops and bows and hold their desired shape.

Material: 100% polyester

*25yd reels may be spliced

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