2.25" Crusted Rounded Tail Only HotFix Rhinestone Transfer Cheer Strip Pair - Crystal AB

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2.25" HotFix Rhinestone Heat Transfer Cheer-Bow Strip - Dense Rounded Tail Only Pair

This item will be on sale until we sell through the standard clear crystal rhinestone items and are ready to transition to the crystal AB rhinestone items!

Set your cheer-bows apart with a dazzling rhinestone hot fix strip tail pair! Created for a 2.25" width ribbon in a heavily crusted rounded tail accent design.

Works well on grosgrain and satin ribbons as well as on heat-safe fabrics.

Dimensions: 2.25" width x 3.3" length

Applied with a household iron or a heat press.

*Two strips are included in your purchase.  You can use both on the same bow, or just use one per bow.

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