They are sturdy and work exactly the way I need them too.
They wok better than any others I've ever tried!
These are the best I've ever used. Hold well lightweight but strong. Clear goes with everything.
Exactly what I am looking for. Very inexpensive and the perfect size. Will be buying more when I am done with these.
These zip ties are just as good as the more expensive ones I used to buy. Every dime counts!
these are great hold well and have really helped out with my business
100 pack- 4 stars 1000 pack- 1 star I have bought several packs of 100 and they were great. Zipped easily. Last time I decided to just get the 1000 pack. They are not the same. Not sure if this is a new supplier or if it is just the larger pack. I know it's a minor thing but when I have 50-60 bows to make in a day, every little thing matters. The zip ties in the 1000 pack are very rigid and require a lot more tugging to get them closed.
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