6" Jewel Peony Hair Flower

Make your own Flower Hair Accessory!

Beautiful and stunning gigantic flower!

This flower is approx. 6" across and includes a dazzling metal and pearl embellishment center attached.

This large flower is sure to make a statement and can be worn by all ages from infants to ladies. Attach to a hair clip, headband,hat, or even to a hair-comb for up-does.

Flower center piece is approx. 25mm diameter

*Please note this flower does not come attached to a clip.  If you would like to use it as a hair flower, you can view our clips to purchase the type of clip you would like to use.  This particular flower lends itself well to actually be attached to a headband.  Simply hot-glue the flower to the headband or clip.

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6" Jewel Peony Hair Flower


6" Jewel Peony Hair Flower




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Use these to create maternity bands and they are so wonderful and easy to paint!
I LOVE this size! Finally a hair flower large enough for my daughter to wear all by itself! These also look beautiful on HBC's Kufi crochet beanie hats. This high quality flower has a gorgeous center embellishment as well! What an awesome BIG flower for a little price!
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