Face Mask Breathing Valves - 12pcs

DIY Breathing Valves for Face Masks

Breathing valves can be added to any face mask whether disposable or fabric, as long as the mask is able to be cut.  

To use, cut a 1" circle in the mask off to the side. You may sew around the circle close to the edge if desired, but not necessary. Attach the silicone disc to the back piece and place on under-side of the hole.  Snap the top piece into the bottom from the top side of the hole.  If not aligned correctly, you may pry the valve apart with a flat object such as a table knife and try again.

Each pack contains 12 complete valve sets.  One set includes a back, front, and a silicone disc.

Total width of valve is a little less than 1.5"

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Face Mask Breathing Valves - 12pcs


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Face Mask Breathing Valves - 12pcs


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