I have a small bow making business and these are absolutely perfect to present my larger bows to my customers! Completely professional, amazing quality & best price anywhere! There is also plenty of room for your business card!
Grea size to display larger bows, still leaves room to add label.
These are far the best hair bow display cards you can find.!!!!
Finally got to use them last night! Love how my flowers look on them!
Can I give a rating 5+++ :) I did not get these my first bow card order because someone in these reviews had said that they were way too big for their bows, which for them was probably true, but I decided to try them anyway. I decided to get 2 packs to try (since the price each lowers a little at 2 quantity) and I am very very glad I did. I believe that for a 3" or 4" bow or clip these might be "too big" in which case you should go with the smaller cards which are awesome too, but if your bow is 5" or bigger these are PERFECT!!! And quality is amazing! I am in love and have ordered 4 packs of the smaller and will continue to buy both sizes forever and ever and ever!!!!
Perfect for displaying my products
very reasonable and are perfect for displaying large hairbows
Love the way my bows look on the bow display and the look beautiful I got the large ones for my 5 inches bow Thank you
I was recently purchasing my large display cards at Hobby Lobby. I would only get 10 cards for $1.99, compared to 50 for $3.50.. Not only is the quality of the cards great, but the price is even better.
I was looking all over the place for these finally found them and for a great price. They are perfect for my large bows and even has room for your logos?
Perfect size for large bow and fantastic quality!
Great way to display bows and very sturdy
I was very excited to see the display cards available on HBC. I didn't know which ones would work better for the size bows that I make, so I just went with the larger size to be safe. I found that the larger cards will display as advertised. For me personally, I was able to display one of my korker bows beautifully! I am very happy with this product!
These display cards are great to use for craft shows to display your creations!!!
Great price! Very durable will definitely purchase again!
I really needed these and I am so happy with the quality and price!
Mary Anne
Love the quality of these cards and they are great for displaying medium to large hairbows, best display cards I've found online. Great price and will continue to order all my display cards from HBC.
I love these hairbow large display cards! They are durable card stock!
Quality of card stock is very durable. Having pre-made display cards is a great time saver.
I was so happy to run across these large hair bow cards. They are durable and will look great as they display my many hair bows. I will be ordering more since I only ordered a few. The cards are good quality and are definitely a must-have for any bow maker.
Perfect size and good quality will be ordering again!
Hair bow making starting as a hobby and came into be a very fulfilling business. Once I started selling, I needed a blank card to display my hair bows professionally and creatively. The blank template makes it easy to add your business name how you'd like. Homemade custom hair bows displayed with a personal touch. Would recommend to all!! LOVE!
These display cards are wonderful! I tried making my own with cardstock and tag board but they tore. These are a great size for larger bows and look so professional.
This display card is a good quality, thick cardboard. Nice glossy white finish. Perfect size for small and medium sized bows.
Perfect size!
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