HBC Grosgrain Ribbon Color Card


Ribbon Color Swatch Reference

Updated cards with all our newest colors included

Keep a handy reference of all our color options!

Professionally mounted grosgrain ribbon swatches on sturdy double-layered paperboard.

Sides are 4-hole punched and can easily be altered to a 3-hole punch for binders.

Neither our logo or name are printed on the color cards for our customers to customize with their own information. A blank spot is left for this on the inside of each color card.

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The color card is a must have. Very handy to see colors before you buy.
i purchased this along with a grab bag of ribbon. Definitely came in handy when looking up colors.
Recientemente recibí esta carta de colores de HBC y de verdad la recomiendo mucho que la compren,les va a encantar y van a quedar fascinados con todos los colores que tienen disponibles,y va ha ser mucho más fácil que puedan decidir cuál color elegir,y cual mejor combinar con algún listón que este estampado. Yo quedé fascinada.
I just bought this and i am so glad I did!!! The colors on the computer are pretty close but want to have to actual swatch in front of me!!!
I bought the color chart for my own reference but now as I buy more ribbons I let my customers look at the colors and the ones I already have I have marked. It's a great thing to have.
This is a terrific tool to have for the professional bow maker. So important to have actual ribbon samples to match up to fabrics. So glad I got it! Hairbowcenter.com has many different colors than other ribbon suppliers I have used - including a few colors I have been looking for!
I love having this! It is very easy to whip out to match colors for customers or even myself when i am making something.
The HBC color card is a definite must have! It makes matching items with ribbon so, so easy, and is very handy when time to reorder!
the ribbon color card is a must have. Its great for matching ribbon to fabrics for the cutest outfit combo's.
Don't know why I didn't purchase this sooner! I had been guessing or matching colors based on the computer view, but this card ensures that you're selecting just the right color for your project. Very happy to have this as a resource for my hair bows.
I was debating on buying this color card, thinking, do I really need this? The vibrant colors and the price really influenced me to give in!! BEST BUY EVER! Perfect to show customers how the product will look and the material being used!! I <3 HAIR BOW CENTER!
I am so glad I got this. No more mystery guessing if it will match or not. Recommend this for anyone and everyone.
I will continue to purchase from HBC. Great product easy check out and fast shipping. My only wish is that they'd label the color inside the ribbon so I know what it is after I get the wrap off. My solution for this is the Color Chart I purchased. Some ribbon does come with a label on it depends how it's wrapped. Just wish it was all that way.
I purchased two of these for my cheer bow company and absolutely love them! These cards are well made and durable, the ribbon that is in the cards is just enough to show the color, sheen, and texture!
I love having this ribbon color chart for my own reference but also when I'm selling bows, customers can see all their options. I like that there is a place for my business card too!
this was a smart purchase for me, very handy when its time to restock!
This card is so important to have both for myself and for my customers in order to get the perfect match.
This is absolutly one of the best tools that I have purchased to improve my color matching! I love it would def. recommend to anyone who takes custom orders, to match a particular outfit. Awesome product!
Great addition to your workspace! Great to have when it's time to restock and you forgot what color that was :)
This helped any questions I had about any color! I love this thing!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! It is such a great thing to have to be able to see the colors in person and also let others see the colors in person. I was trying to match a dress to the right shade of pink and blue and this card did it! I was also trying to match the shade of pink in a printed ribbon I had, and even with the several shades of pink I already had, it still wasn't exactly right but with this card I was able to find the right one.
So glad I ordered this, totally helped make the right color choice
Helps with finding the right color patterns when designing hair bows. Great color choices.
This was worth the investment, helps match colored ribbon with the designed ribbon you already have. Saves time and money, or makes sure you don't have to have too much stock you do not use often laying around. You never know what color you are seeing on computer monitor and better to get the right color the first time.
I love this card! I was skeptical at first spending that kind of money on a card! But boy let me tell you it is so great being able to see every color in person before you order and also being able to show people what you can get! It will definitely expand your ability to get more orders and more customers.
This is great to have for craft show, so people can see all your color choices!!!
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