No-Slip Grips


Clear Hair Clip Grips

Enhance your hair-bows and hair-clips by adding our no-slip grips!

Attach these grips to the top underside of your alligator clips for a perfect no-slip hold!

Grips are 1/4" x 1" and will fit both the single and double prong alligator clips.

Our grips do not come with any adhesive and will need to be attached with the adhesive of your choice.  We recommend hot glue.

Price listed is for 24 no-slip grips

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10% discount for 6+ quantity
20% discount for 20+ quantity


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These look much better than the grips I'm currently using, but don't hold as well in my daughter's fine hair. I've got 6 packs to use, but sadly, I won't order more.
These don't work for no-slip grips. I felt it was no different than using nothing on my hair clips. Disappointing.
perfect for my customers who soft/thin hair to keep the bow in place
Great product
The slip grips work great! I wish they came in a larger size but they work great for the 1.75" alligator. You do have to glue them on as well.
Can't wait to try these out!
I liked these. They fit perfectly on a 1.75" alligator clip, which is mostly what I use. I don't know if they'd be as effective on a bigger clip. I wasn't sure about using them, but thought Id give them a try and so far, I'm happy with the results. I wish you could get them in a larger sized pack.
Its the first time im using these and so far my customers have noticed and loved them
I like these. I wasent sure at first because they are so much shorter than I thought...but they're perfect
Not sure if I like these are not yet. I am sort of in between on them. i thought they would be a tad bit longer.
Worked perfectly for my small bow clips.
I bought these and the other kind I like these better than the other kind. I love it's clear and not noticeable but it's the same quality as my other kind I have made my self. Worth a try for a bow maker that doesn't have time to make their own.
These are great to use for hairbows to keep in place. Add a little hot glue and you are good to go!! You can hardly even see them in the clip!! Love the Price too!!!!
erika d
I've never used these before and I decided to give them a shot. I'm so glad I did. They're easy to glue on and they work perfect!
So easy and convenient. These help the clips hold onto my daughter's hair while still being discreet.
I love that these are clear and are hardly visible.
these are awesome!
I used these on every single bow for my daughter before she got a lot of hair. They greatly improved the staying power of any clip!

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