Rewards Program

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Rewards Program Details

1 point = $0.01  (redeemed in 10pt increments)

*You must be logged-in to a customer account to receive any reward points.  No points will be issued for Facebook "likes" or a store purchase if you are not logged-in.

The maximum cumulative rewards points earned for Facebook "likes" is 250 points.  You may still continue to "like" products on our site after reaching the maximum number of points earned, but points will no longer be awarded after 250 points have been issued.

No minimum purchase is necessary to earn points and there is no limit to the total number of points earned.

Automatically earn points on your store purchases if you are logged-in to your HBC customer account when placing your order.  You must be logged-in to receive your points.

Points expire in 365 days from date earned.  You will receive an e-mail notification 14 days prior to any points expiration.

The rewards program is designed for retail customers. Wholesale customers and those receiving special pricing do not qualify and will be unable to earn and redeem reward points when logged into their wholesale accounts.