Glamorous Shabby Flower Headband

Glamorous Shabby Flower Headband
By Beth
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Glamorous Shabby Flower Headband


If you are like me, you are the type of person that loves super easy, beautiful crafts. I put together this  fun and easy headband in maybe ten minutes. The different combinations are endless with HairBow Center's Shabby Flower line. You don't have to use three different sizes like I did in this tutorial. You can use anywhere from 1-3 sizes of our shabby flowers, and the end product will be gorgeous when you add one of our embellishment centers to your shabby cluster. So if you are ready for this super easy craft then let's get started!   For this tutorial you will need: The first step in this tutorial is to pick which flowers and headband you are wanting to use. I chose cream, aqua, and navy shabbies with a cream headband. As I said before, the combinations are endless.  And don't worry, we also have infant headbands! Take one felt pad and arrange your shabbies to where they cover most of the pad. I cut some off one side of mine because there was still a lot showing after I had the flowers arranged in an order which I liked.



Use your glue gun to glue the flowers to the felt pad. Take your second felt pad and cut a small section from both sides, don't worry it doesn't have to look pretty. When I glued my shabbies on, my large cream one wasn't completely on the felt pad so it wasn't very sturdy. I used the second felt pad to reinforce the large shabby.



Once you have glued the second pad on you can do one of two things. You can either add a lined clip to the back of the shabby cluster or you can just simply glue the flowers directly to the headband. I chose the latter step. I applied the glue to the headband then placed the flower cluster on top. 15-06-01_3982 After the flowers are securely attached to the headband I added the regal rhinestone embellishment  to the center of my shabbies. This step is also optional. But the embellishment will give the headband more of a glamorous look.


And that's it! In just a few short minutes you have created a simply beautiful headband that will look great on infants, young girls, teens, and adults!


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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6 years ago