5 Creative Crafting Storage Ideas (INFOGRAPHIC)



So, if you are visiting our blog, it can be assumed that you are, or want to be, a crafter!  Crafting can be highly addictive as there are SO many types of projects that are just begging to be made, and the ideas and possibilities are always staring you in the face in your daily life, luring you away to your crafting hide-out.  The excitement and anticipation of digging into an awesome project can quickly dissipate if you go to find those scrap pieces of fabric you tucked away "just in case", or can't find your scissors or extra glue sticks.  A messy disorganized crafting work-place can quickly put the brakes on things! We've put together 5 clever, and of course, crafty, ideas to keep you organized and efficient so that crafting remains the fun and spontaneous hobby it should be! Happy crafting!

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5 Craft Area Organization Ideas

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