Anchors Away Hairbow

Anchors Away Hairbow
By Beth
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Anchors Away Hairbow

Anchors Hair-Bow

Are you in love with the nautical anchor print these days? It’s a very popular print, and rightly so!  It is just one of those prints that is cute and super girly, and looks great on anything!  We also have a free set of downloadable bottle-cap images available for this theme that really puts the icing on the hair-bow! So, here is an easy tutorial on how to make this cute boutique styled hair-bow!

Here is a list of the supplies you will need for this hair-bow:

supplies bottlecap-images

Okay, I know the supplies list is kind of scary, but this tutorial really isn’t that bad. :)

Step 1: Measure and cut out all of the pieces of ribbon that are listed above.

Step 2. Take all of the ribbon except for the 3/8" anchor ribbon and cut the ends in a ‘v’ shape. Then heat seal the ends of all your ribbon.

Step 3: Take a pin and start stacking the cobalt and hot pink grosgrain with the 7/8” anchor ribbon. Alternate the colors to create a unique base for your bow.


Step 4: Fan out the ribbon to create an ‘x’ shape, then, while the ribbon is still in this shape take your needle and thread and stitch up the middle. Once that is done take the pin out and then pull the stitching tight to gather the ribbon. Wrap your thread around the ribbon a few times then tie it off.

sewing-base base-finish

Step 5: Now grab your NBNG size 5 template and wrap your 1 1/2" pink and blue anchor ribbon around it twice. You will need to use a clip to hold one end of the ribbon to the template. Stick a pin through the center, remove the clip, and slide the ribbon off the template.

template-1 template-2

Step 6: Take and fan out the loops for your bow. Once you have your desired look, sew a few stitches up the center and repeat the sewing process as in Step 4. top-bow-sewing Step 7: Starting with one piece of your 3/8" anchor ribbon, create two loops that meet in the center. You can sew the loops in place or use glue. I used glue when I made mine. Repeat the same process for the other piece and then glue both pieces together.


Step 8: Now it is time to glue all the pieces together. I started with the base and worked my way to the top applying a generous amount of glue to ensure that the bows stay together. bow-finish Step 9: Once all three of the bow pieces are in place set the bow aside and grab your EK Success punch, bottle cap images, and your bottle cap. For the bottle cap images all you need to do is download the anchor themed set from our HBC website and print them off. Did I mention that this particular set we are working with is free?! :) You can use regular paper or photo paper. I found that the photo paper held the color better and looked more vibrant than the regular paper. But it is just what you prefer. Both ways are fine. The bottle cap image on the right is regular printing paper.


After you have picked which image you want, punch it out using your EK Success punch. Step 10: Take your bottle cap and place glue around in the center, then place your image in the center and rub your finger over the surface to smooth the glue underneath.


Step 11: Place the Epoxy Dot Sticker over the image and rub the dot to get rid of any air bubbles.


Step 12: Apply a large amount of glue to the back of the bottle cap and place it in the center of the hair-bow.


Step 13: Now you can apply whatever hardware that you want to the back of the bow and you are done! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! :) finish-with-clip  

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