Big Ribbon, Little Bow-Tie Tutorial!

Big Ribbon, Little Bow-Tie Tutorial!
By Danielle
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Big Ribbon, Little Bow-Tie Tutorial!

Learn how to make your own bow-ties!

Contributor post by Danielle at Korker Krazy

Nothing says "sweet" like an adorable little bow-tie!  Whether you need to make one for a dapper little dude or want to create some bow-tie hair-bows or hair-clippies to match a Valentine's Day outfit, the basic instructions of making a bow-tie are very easy and you can then attach the finished bow to either bow-tie hardware, a hair-clip or barrette, or sew it directly to a headband.

Supplies Needed:

2.25" Grosgrain Ribbon (Purple & Red) 3/8" Grosgrain Ribbon (Purple & Red) Needle & Thread Hot Glue Gun & Glue Alligator Clips


Step 1: Cut two 5" pieces of your 2.25" Grosgrain Ribbon. Heat seal all ribbon ends.


Step 2: Fold your ribbons in half and crease the center.


Step 3: Put a dot of glue in the center where your crease is. Fold the right side over and glue it down.


Step 4: Fold your left side over to the center and glue it down.


Step 5: Repeat the above steps with your other piece of ribbon. Your pieces should now look like this.


Step 6: Two-Crease fold the center of your bow.


Step 7: Use an alligator clip to hold the center of your bow. Thread your needle. Sew up through the center.


Step 8: Wrap the thread around the center of your bow and tie it off.


Step 9: Repeat the same steps with your other piece of ribbon. You should now have two little bows!


Step 10: Wrap your centers. I wanted to make a set that matched so my purple bow has a red center and my red bow has a purple center.

Hot glue one end of your 3/8" ribbon to the back of the bow. Wrap the ribbon around the front.


Step 11: Glue the end on the back of the bow. Remember to heat seal your ends!


Step 12: Line your clips with matching 3/8" ribbon and hot glue them to the back of your bows if wanting to use as hair-clips.  You can also attach to bow-tie hardware, a plastic or metal headband, or a different type of hair-clip.

Your bows are all set to go!  This is a fun pair as it has mix-and-match colors with the bow and the center strap, but you can play around with using other solid colors and also polka-dots and other fun prints!

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