Chic Organza Hair Flower

Chic Organza Hair Flower
By Beth
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Chic Organza Hair Flower

Organza Hair Flower Headband

Are you interested in making an easy chic hair flower for your little princess? Well, you have come to the right place! I am going to show you how to make a beautiful organza flower and how to also add some feathers and bling to accessorize it. The items you will need are as follows: supplies First off, you will need to take and measure out thirty-six inches of organza ribbon. Take the lighter and carefully go over the ends, be sure to just use the heat off the flame or you will have charred ends on your ribbon. Starting at one end, take your needle and thread and weave it through the bottom portion of the ribbon. sewing Once you have gotten a good portion sewed you will notice that the ribbon will start to gather. After you have repeated the weaving process for the entire length of ribbon you can pull gently on the thread and it will make the gathers tighter. I pulled mine pretty snug to ensure that I would get a full flower. finish-gather Now you will need to take the needle and sew back through your starting end. I just stuck the needle about half an inch through the beginning gathers and then added a few stitches and tied off my string. I did this to give it a rounder look and to make sure the ends would not come apart in the gluing process. sewing-endssewing-ends-finish After you have finished the flower part you can set that aside for a moment and grab your felt pad and feathers. Arrange the feathers nicely on one side of the pad. I played with the look for a little bit before I glued the feathers on. feathers-finish Once the feathers are glued on you can take your flower and glue it onto the felt circle also. Be sure to use small amounts of glue when working with the organza, because of its sheerness the glue shows through the fabric easily. flower-glued-to-feathers Once that is finished take your embellishment center and glue it to the middle of the organza flower. The last thing to do is to glue the ribbon lined clip to the back. To do this just run a line of glue on the top of the clip and hold it securely to the back of the flower. glue-clip Now you can use it just as a flower to go along with a pony tail or you can add it to a headband for an extra touch of class. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Thanks for reading!! :)  

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6 years ago