Christmas Tree Hair Clip

Christmas Tree Hair Clip
By Danielle
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Christmas Tree Hair Clip

DIY hand-made christmas tree hair clip

Contributor post by Danielle at Korker Krazy

The Christmas tree is one of the classic and most-loved symbols of the Christmas season, so why not wear one in your hair?  This hair clip is easy to make yourself with just a little bit of ribbon, a clip, and some hot glue.  As there are as many ways to decorate a real Christmas tree as there are colors in the rainbow, so it is with these little clips.  Make a classic green and red clip and then mix things up a little with some trendy colors.

Supplies Needed: 3/8" Grosgrain Ribbon - Emerald and Brown 1/4" Grosgrain Ribbon - Red Alligator Clip (Lined or line your own) Tiny Bow Embellishment Scissors/Rotary Cutter Lighter Hot Glue Gun & Glue


Step 1: Cut your emerald ribbon. You need to cut 3 pieces in each size - 3", 2.5" and 2". You should have 9 pieces total. Heat seal the ribbon ends. Line your alligator clip with your brown ribbon.


Step 2: Fold each piece in half and glue the open ends together.


Step 3: You should now have 9 loops. Make sure you keep each size together.


Step 4: Start adding the loops to your lined alligator clip. Glue two of your 3" ribbon loops to the bottom of the clip.


Step 5: Add two of your 2.5" ribbon loops to the clip. Glue them slightly above the first set of loops.


Step 6: Add two of your 2" ribbon loops to the clip. Glue them above the second set of loops.



Step 7: Add your center loops. First, add the 3" loop. Next add the 2.5" loop. Finally, add your 2" loop to the top. Make sure your pieces are in the center of your tree.


Step 8: Cut a 4" piece of your 1/4" red grosgrain ribbon. Loop each side to the center and glue - forming a little bow.


Step 9: Add a center to your little bow. I chose this little sparkly bow that I had but you can use anything you want!


Step 10: Glue your bow to the top of your tree.

Now that you have finished making your festive hand-made Christmas tree hair-clip, grab some other colors of ribbon and a variety of embellishments to make a different clip for each day of the Christmas season!

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