DIY Felt and Lace Bow Tie Hair-Bow Tutorial

DIY Felt and Lace Bow Tie Hair-Bow Tutorial
By Danielle
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DIY Felt and Lace Bow Tie Hair-Bow Tutorial

diy felt lace hair-bow tutorial Contributor post by Danielle at Korker Krazy

What could be sweeter than the combination of felt and lace?  The two pair together fabulously in this adorable little hair-bow that can be used as a baby bow, a clippie for pulling back bangs, or attached to a headband.  Lace is synonymous with Valentine's Day, so we chose a bubblegum pink for this Valentine's hair accessory, but you could easily switch up the colors for Christmas or any other holiday.

Supplies Needed:

Felt Lace (click to view) Hot Glue Gun & Glue Scissors Alligator clip or headband.


Step 1: Cut your lace and felt. I cut my felt 3.5" x 8" and my strand of lace 8".


Step 2: Glue your lace to the center of your felt. Only glue the lace at each end. If you glue the entire piece you will be able to see glue on the finished bow and it will be hard to fold.


Step 3: Fold one side of your lace halfway over and glue with just a small amount.


Step 4: Fold the other side over to the center and glue it down.


Step 5: Trim the edges of your felt. You want to get rid of any "fuzzy" ends. I ended up cutting quite a bit off of my felt so the lace center didn't look so big.


Step 6: Two crease fold the center of your bow.


Step 7: Wrap your thread around the center of your bow and tie off. Cut off your excess thread.


Step 8: Take another piece of your lace and fold it in half. Glue one end to the back of the bow.


Step 9 : Wrap the lace around the front of the bow.


Step 10: Glue the other end of your lace to the back of the bow. Add your alligator clip or headband to the back of the bow.

These would be so cute with glitter elastic headbands!!

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