DIY Interchangeable Embellished Flip Flops!

DIY Interchangeable Embellished Flip Flops!
By Brittany
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DIY Interchangeable Embellished Flip Flops!

How to Make Flower Flip-Flops Instructions

Contributor post by Brittany

Get ready to put a new "Spring" in your little love's step! Take one of her fun favorites of Spring & Summer and transform them into her new go-to shoe that perfectly matches any outfit she pleases as these sandals are also interchangeable!  All you need is one pair of flip flips and 2 of your many favorite flowers from the HairBow Center!  Join me in making your new favorite shoe that is perfectly embellished in the most fabulous colors of the season!

Listed below are the items you will need:

(I am using 2" rounded folded chiffon hair flowers in peach, 2.75" folded chevron hair flowers in turquoise, chiffon jewel ballerina hair flowers in bubblegum pink and 3" frayed denim fabric flowers in deep indigo)

I chose to use a white glittery pair of flip flops so I can use literally any color of embellishments and they will always look great! I got these on sale from The Childen's Place for about $2. So the first thing we need to do is cut 2 small pieces of the prickly side of Velcro to attach to each flip flop. My Velcro pieces are approx 1/2 inch each. I am using hot glue to attach each piece to the top of the flip flops.

Now for each set of flower embellishment you plan to use you will need to glue the same size piece (1/2 inch) of the soft side of Velcro to the backside of your flower.

Now simply attach your embellishments onto your flip flops and see them instantly transform into super cute & trendy sandals that will surely be a favorite of your little princess as well as yours! The possibilities are endless thanks to HBC's amazing selection of super cute flowers in a huge variety of beautiful colors & trendy materials! I absolutely LOVE the bubblegum pink color from the chiffon jewel ballerina flowers (as shown above) and how perfect are the frayed denim flowers in their wide variety of colors?! These are not only perfect for every day but essential for vacation and traveling! Instead of packing a different cute pair of shoes for every outfit and needing an entire bag just for shoes (I'm so guilty of this!) now you can simplify packing with just one perfect pair plus sets of flowers to match! What a space saver! Store all your ready to wear embellishments in a plastic pencil case to avoid squishing your flowers while also making them super easy to find for a quick switch with each outfit change! I hope you've had fun making our new project and enjoy them all season long!

DIY Flower Flip-Flps

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3 years ago