DIY Lace Boot Cuffs Tutorial

DIY Lace Boot Cuffs Tutorial
By Brittany
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DIY Lace Boot Cuffs Tutorial

How to Make your own Lace Boot Cuffs

Contributor post by Brittany

Of all the adorable lace-inspired accessories I've made for my daughter with HBC's variety of beautiful lace, this is her absolute favorite! Not only do these lace boot cuffs look super sweet and stylish underneath all her boots, they only take minutes to make! I can't believe I ever considered paying $10-$20 per pair online from specialty boutique shops, when I can make them myself for a small fraction of the price! Let's get started!

Shown above are the supplies you will need:

2.25" stretch elastic lace

•Measuring tape

1/4" double side fillet tape


First you need to determine how much lace you will need for each boot cuff. I suggest measuring around the child's legs for a proper fit instead of guessing the amount needed. My daughter is 4 years old and I have measured her legs to determine that I need 9" of lace per cuff. This measurement includes space needed for overlapping the ends. As shown in the pic above I am cutting two 9" lengths of lace.  Please keep in mind you will need to measure in the location of her leg where the top of the boot hits as it varies greatly depending on the boot.

Next you will need approx 2" of double sided fillet tape. Apply to one end of your lace as shown above.  The ideal way to secure the lace ends is by sewing them, but as many of us don't have sewing machines, the double sided tape will work also.

Peel off the paper backing to reveal the other sticky side as shown in the pic above.

Create a circle with your lace and press the opposite end ontop of the double sided tape. Firmly press together.

One cuff down, one to go! Repeat steps to create your second boot cuff. (Yes-- It's really that easy! If you're in doubt of how such a little piece of tape can hold our project together, let me ease your mind... My daughter has been wearing her boot cuffs over and over for more than a month now and they're all still in perfect condition! We've never had any problems whatsoever thanks to the super strong bond of the double sided tape!)

How adorable are these!? We just added some serious cuteness to your little loves accessory collection! Now my daughter never wants to wear her boots without her lace boot cuffs Mommy made her! But I don't mind :) With 17 colors to choose from at the HairBow Center, she'll always have a color to match her outfit! Thanks for joining me today and I hope you and your little stylish divas get as much joy out of these as we do!

How to Make your own Lace Boot Cuffs

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