Double Ruffle Stacked Bow

Double Ruffle Stacked Bow
By Kristi
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Double Ruffle Stacked Bow

by Kristi   12/23/2011

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Layers of pretty ruffles in pink!


This is a relatively easy hair-bow to make.  While the typical hair-bow is made from grosgrain ribbon, this bow is made from satin double ruffle ribbon.


The hair bow supplies used in this craft project are:


The NBNG templates are a wonderful help to get consistent results every time and we recommend using these or a similar template for your hair-bow projects.  The instructions included on this hair bow are:  Basic Boutique Bow.  You will start this hair-bow by taking the 1.5" Satin Double Ruffle Ribbon  and cut pieces for 3 bows. Two bows will be the same larger size using template 5 and one will be the smaller center bow using template 4. Cut the satin ribbon ends at a slight angle and heat-seal the ends.


Wrap the satin ribbon on the template according to instructions and clip in place.  Sew through the center of the bow starting and ending on the back of the hair-bow.


Slide the bow off the template and gather along the stitches tightly.  Wrap center several times with the thread before sewing a knot on the back of bow to finish it off.


Create all three bows.


Glue the bottom two bows together first with a dot of hot-glue in the center. Push down firmly. Attach the top bow the same way. After it is glued together, wrap a thread several times around the center tightly and tie it off in a knot.

Put a bead of glue along the back of a french barrette (with center bar removed) and press firmly to the back of the bow.


I love using a large center on double ruffle bows, so I used the same 1.5" width satin double ruffle ribbon. I created a knotted center and glued it to the front of the bow.


Wrap the satin double ruffle ribbon around to the back of the clip. Cut off the ribbon ends and heat-seal them before gluing to the back. Insert the center bar and you have a finished bow!

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