Easter Loopy Bow

Easter Loopy Bow
Easter-Loopy-Bow InstructionsContributor post by Danielle at Korker Krazy

Easter is just around the corner and Easter Egg bows are a must!! Today I'm going to show you how to make this adorable Easter Loopy bow using HairBow Center's gorgeous 3/8" Easter Egg ribbon.

Supplies Needed: 3/8" Grosgrain ribbon: Easter Egg Print, Turquoise Swiss Dots, Apple Swiss Dots, Yellow Swiss Dots, Hot Pink Swiss Dots and Purple Swiss Dots. Felt Circle Needle & Thread Hot Glue Gun & Glue Scissors Alligator Clip Wood Burner


Step 1: Cut 10 3" pieces of each print. Heat seal your ends if you are not using a wood burner to cut the pieces.



Step 2: Thread your needle with a large knot at the end. Fold your first ribbon in half and thread it through your needle.


Step 3: Decide on your pattern and start adding each piece onto your thread. Make sure you have a big knot at the end so your pieces don't fall off.


Step 4: Continue adding each piece onto the thread. You will start to see a flower like shape.

DSCN5449 Step 5: Finish adding all 50 pieces onto your thread. Your bow may look a little wild at this point, that's okay. We will straighten it out soon.



Step 6: Find the first piece you added and thread your needle through it. Pull the two ends together - This step is important to achieve the round look. Tie your thread a few times and clip the excess.


Step 7: Adjust your bow to the shape you want, some loops may be pressing against each other. I try to pull my loops all apart to make a fluffy look. Spray your finished bow with stiffen spray/starch and allow it to dry.


Step 8: When your bow is dry it's time to add your felt circle. Hot glue your felt circle to the bottom of your bow.


Step 9: Glue your alligator clip to the felt circle.


You're all finished!! How cute are these? I think I'm going to make another and have my niece wear them as pigtails! I'd love to see what other color combinations you can come up with for this bow!

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Brittney Herrera
love this bow. What size is the felt circle?
Thank you! I used a 1.75" felt circle. You can find them here - https://www.hairbowcenter.com/1-75-circle-felt-pads.html

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