Korker Bobby Pins

Korker Bobby Pins
By Kristi
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Korker Bobby Pins


by Kristi

We all just LOVE the bobby pins as they can be decorated in so many ways and are also great for ladies as well!

The korker hair-bows are geared more towards the little ones, but the rhinestone "bling" bobby pins can be seen worn around HairBow Center nearly every day by at least one of us.

Supplies needed:

To create the rhinestone bobby pins, simply adhere with hot glue, E6000, or your favorite adhesive. Be careful with the hot glue as if it is too hot, it can melt the backing which creates a spot that is visible from the front of the rhinestone. I usually wait a few seconds to attach to let it cool slightly. The perfect size rhinestone to use is the 8mm width, but the 12mm will work as well for a little larger effect.
You can attach a resin, small flower, cute buttons, or anything else small enough to attach to the pad.

Here is how we created the korker bobby pins:

Choose 3 or 4 coordinating korker pieces. These are all available pre-curled on our website.  It is available in both 3/8" and 1/4" pieces.  Using pre-curled ribbon really speeds up the process as you do not need to curl the ribbon yourself.


I cut the ribbons in 2.5" lengths and used a hot-knife to cut them as that also seals the ribbons at the same time. Always make a straight perpendicular cut across the grosgrain ribbon. If not using a hot-knife, you will need to heat-seal the ribbon ends.


Stick the ribbons on a threaded needle in the correct order.

Keep the korker ribbons perfectly lined up and pull the needle through.  Lay the ribbons down flat on a surface and pinch near the center so that the ribbons stay in place and do not turn as you tightly wind the thread around the center. Remove the needle from the end of the thread and you can then tie the thread ends together in a knot to finish it off.


The pieces should be lined up in a row and not going every which way.


Choose your ribbon center. I used a 1/4" pink ribbon. Glue one end of the ribbon to the back of the bow. Wrap around snugly, cut ribbon, seal ribbon end, and glue other end of the center to the back of the bow.


Hot-glue or use your favorite adhesive to attach to the bobby pins.


Congratulations, you are finished!

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7 years ago