Mini Circle Flowers

Circle Ribbon Hair Clips Tutorial
By Danielle
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Mini Circle Flowers

Circle Ribbon Hair Clips Tutorial

Contributor post by Danielle at Korker Krazy

These mini hair clips pack a big punch!  We went with a nautical theme to celebrate the remaining days of summer, but you can make these little bows to match any holiday, season, or theme by simply switching out the ribbon colors and the embellishment.  These are just the right size for toddlers to sweep back bangs or attach to a ponytail.

Supplies Needed:
1/4" HBC Grosgrain Ribbon in Turquoise, Light Blue, Navy
Hot Glue Gun & Glue
Alligator Clips & 3/8 Ribbon for lining or lined alligator clips.
Needle & Thread
Rotary Cutter/Scissors
Felt Circles
Center Pieces


Step 1: Cut four 4" pieces of each of your three ribbon colors. Heat Seal all ribbon ends.


Step 2: For each flower we will use 2 pieces of each color for 6 pieces total. Line your ribbon up in the pattern you want. My pattern is turquoise, navy, light blue.


Step 3: Fold your ribbons in half. Poke your needle through the very center of the ribbons.


Step 4: Make sure the pointed side of your needle is facing up. Fan out your ribbons.


Step 5: Take your bottom piece of ribbon and flip it over straight onto the needle.


Step 6: Continue adding each piece of ribbon onto the needle. Your next piece should be the piece closest to the bottom. You will start to see your pattern.


Step 7: After all pieces are on the needle adjust your loops to make sure they are all straight and even.


Step 8: Sew your needle through the center of the ribbons, tie and cut off. Repeat the same steps above to complete your second circle flower.


Step 9: Hot glue a matching felt circle onto the back of each circle flower.


Step 10: Line your alligator clip and hot glue it to the back of the circle flower, on top of the felt circle.


Step 11: Add a center piece to the front of your circle flowers. I'm using these gold stars - I have had them forever! I believe I found them at Michael's Craft Store.


Your circle flowers are finished! Aren't they cute?! I love these for my daughter's hair. We just clip one in the side of her hair to keep it out of her face. These are also adorable as pigtail bows!

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4 years ago