Patriotic Popsicle sculpture!

Patriotic Popsicle sculpture!
4th-of-july-popsicle-craft-embellishment Contributor post by Brittany How cute is this red, white & blue patriotic Popsicle centerpiece?! This sweet 4th of July summertime treat is a real crowd-pleaser with it's All-American colors! My 3 year old daughter loves it so much I actually caught her trying to lick it! LOL! Let's get started! image Supplies need: •3/8" solid grosgrain ribbon in red, white & royal blue •3/8" printed ribbon of choice (I am using red & blue dots on white grosgrain ribbon) •1/8" red solid grosgrain ribbon •scissors •lighter •measuring tape •Popsicle stick •1.75" small double pronged alligator clip (optional but very helpful!) •small piece of string •hot glue gun image To make our Popsicle we will need 4 pieces of ribbon. You will need a white piece that is approx 1 3/4" to be used as the base and will secure all other pieces together. You will also need 3 3/4" of royal blue, 4" of white and 4 1/2" of red. Measure out each length and heat seal each end with a lighter. image Take your smallest piece of white ribbon (1 3/4") and hold horizontally. Attach your red ribbon (4 1/2") as shown in the first pic above using a small dot of hot glue. Next add your white ribbon (4") with it slightly overlapping the red ribbon next to it as shown in the second pic above. Attach your royal blue ribbon (3 3/4") the same way. Now take the other end of the royal blue ribbon folding it forward and attach the backside to the base ribbon, continuing to overlap, as shown in the last pic above. image Now secure the white ribbon as shown above. image Loop your final piece of ribbon and attach the same way, covering the remainder of your base ribbon. image Now our little Popsicle needs a stick! Since my stick is normal size I thought it looked too long. This was easily fixed by using my wood burning tool and trimming a couple of inches off. You could break your stick by hand but it would definitely leave sharp edges behind which would not be ideal for a child's hair accessory. My stick is now approx 3" long. Hot glue your stick to the backside of your Popsicle in the center of your blue ribbons. image Now our Popsicle needs a cute mini bow to dress it up! I am using a 5 1/2" piece of 3/8" white ribbon with red & blue dots. Make your ribbon into an awareness symbol as shown in the first pic above. Slide the top of the loop down to form a bow and secure using a double pronged alligator clip. Your mini bow should now look similar to the second pic above. Take a small piece of string and pull through the top and bottom openings of your clip. Turn over to the backside and tie a double knot, pulling the center of your bow tight. Now you can remove your clip and trim off the excess string. In the last pic you can see I have covered my string in the center with a small piece of 1/8" red ribbon. I also trimmed the edges of my bow at an angle and heat sealed the ends. image Attach your mini bow to your Popsicle's stick to finish off our perfect 4th of July accessory! Your patriotic colored treat could be worn in your little ones hair by itself by attaching a clip to your Popsicle stick. I think it makes an absolutely ADORABLE centerpiece for bigger bows such as this large 6" bow in the pic below! It can be attached at an angle or straight up in the center of your bow... It's super cute any way you attach it! I hope you and your little one enjoy their perfect patriotic Popsicle as much as we do! Have a safe and Happy 4th of July Weekend!! image

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4 years ago
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4 years ago at 10:00 AM
If you're making a clippie, just cover your clip with red 3/8 in ribbon and use it in place of the popsicle stick :-)
HairBow Center
4 years ago at 7:39 PM
That's a great idea, Sandy! Thanks for your helpful tip!

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