Ribbon and Wine Bottles

Birthday wine bottle
By Kristi
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Ribbon and Wine Bottles

Last week a customer stopped by to browse through our store and purchase some ribbon.  While most of our customers use our grosgrain and satin ribbon for hair bows, there are endless other craft projects that utilize ribbon.  It is always fascinating to discover the raw talent of so many of our customers and the things they are able to create with our large variety of craft products.

Nancy Ann Smith with Sweet Peas Creations has been using ribbon in various ways.  She specializes in glass etching and decorating creative lighted crafts made out of recycled wine bottles.

Birthday wine bottle

Nancy states on her facebook page, "I really got interested in this type of craft when my daughter started taking glass bottles that were destined for the trash and using a glass etch to put positive, affirming words on them."  Those bottles are then sold to promote her positive, healthy lifestyle.
Nancy sells the wine bottles, decorated with various styles of grosgrain ribbon, satin ribbon, and other embellishments at various craft shows throughout Kansas and told us they typically sell out at each show.

Wine Bottle Ribbon Art

What a great idea and what creative talent to take what most people throw away, and turn it into art!

If you have other unique creative ideas with how you use our ribbon, please share those with us.  We always love to hear from fellow crafters!

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6 years ago