Ribbon Cross

Ribbon Cross
By Danielle
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Ribbon Cross

The cross is the reason for the Easter season, and here at the HairBow Center, we believe the reason for every season!  Instead of gifting chocolate Easter bunnies this year, give a more meaningful gift by making some of these beautiful hand-made ribbon cross embellishments.  Attach a broach pin for ladies or a hair clip for children.  These ribbon crosses would be gorgeous in pastel satin ribbons and also in smaller sizes.  I would personally love this in either a white or deep purple shade for the symbolism of those colors.  Have a blessed Easter season! ~Kristi

craft Easter ribbon cross embellishment

Contributor post by Danielle at Korker Krazy


Supplies Needed:

1.5" Multi Stripe Chevron ZigZag Grosgrain Ribbon
Needle and Thread
Scissors, Lighter, Glue Gun
Rhinestone Embellishment
Alligator Clips

Cut your ribbon and heat seal the ends.

1 - 5" piece
3 - 3" pieces

Fold each ribbon in half - forming a loop. Use an alligator clip to hold them in place.

Line up your ribbons into the shape of a cross. The longest piece of ribbon should be at the bottom.

Thread your needle, tie a knot at the end and begin sewing your first piece. Thread your needle through the ribbon as shown above, pull your thread all the way through when finished.

Thread your next ribbon the same way. Make sure you keep your ribbons lined up in the shape of a cross.

Sew your third ribbon.

Sew your last ribbon. Now, all the ribbons are sewn and you still have the cross shape.

Pull on your thread to cinch the ribbons together.

Pull tightly until all the ribbons meet in the center. Hold the thread tightly and tie it off. This is the back of your cross.

Flip your cross over to the front. Adjust it as needed to make sure each piece of ribbon is even.

Add your rhinestone to the center using hot glue. You can then add your cross to an alligator clip or headband for the perfect Easter hair accessory!

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