Satin Ribbon Pirate Costume

Satin Ribbon Pirate Costume
By Kristi
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Satin Ribbon Pirate Costume

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Hand-crafted Halloween costumes are always the most fun for both parents and children alike.  The 4" Satin Ribbon we offer at HairBow Center is perfect for costumes and other decorating ideas.

This adorable pirate costume took just minutes to make and required the following items:

Head-wrap is made from 4" satin ribbon tied in a knot with ends cut at an angle and heat-sealed.

Eye patch is a felt pad with two very small holes cut on each end to slip the ends of a piece of our 1/8" elastic through and tied several knots to keep from pulling back through the holes. I glued a cross-bone flatback resin to the front.

The tunic is an over-sized white t-shirt with large v's cut into the bottom hem-line.  The same 4" satin ribbon is used for the sash.  Tie around waist and cut angled ends.  Be sure to heat-seal the ribbon ends.

Creating a hand made costume is a great activity to do with your child and it's something that is so easy to do.  As parents, we always want to find creative ways to involve our children in activities that can be done as a family.  Making their own costume is just one simple idea and is fun for all.

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6 years ago