Simple Hair Clippies Instructions

Simple Hair Clippies Instructions
By Kristi
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Simple Hair Clippies Instructions

by Kristi   3/03/2012

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These clippies are super easy and fast to make!  This is a great craft project that even beginning bow makers can tackle with ease.

Items needed to create the clippies:  Ribbon-lined Single Prong Alligator Clip, 10" of Coordinating Grosgrain Ribbon, Resin Embellishment

Step 1: Heat seal the grosgrain ribbon ends.  I used a lighter but you can also use a hot knife or a specialty tool for made for this purpose.


Step 2: Measure off and mark intervals of 2.5" on the back of the ribbon.


Measured Ribbon

Step 3: Take end of ribbon and fold around to make a 90 deg. angle.  I used a dot of hot glue placed on the first mark to secure.


First Loop

Step 4: Create second loop and glue down to create a figure 8.


Figure Eight

Step 5: Continue creating the loops until finished.


Finished Loops

Step 6: Glue loops to the ribbon-lined clip.


Done Gluing

Step 7: Glue the resin embellishment to the hair-bow center!

How easy was that!?  No tying/folding/sewing required!  In just a few minutes you can create this cute clippy that any girl will love to wear.


Final Clippie

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