Spring Blossom Variety Pack Giveaway!

Spjring Shabby Flower Give-away Banner
By Kristi
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Spring Blossom Variety Pack Giveaway!

Spjring Shabby Flower Give-away Banner

Spring is a time of new beginnings, and so this spring, we are celebrating the beginning of our newly completed HairBow Center Blog with another first - a GIVEAWAY!

Our flowers are nearly flying off the shelf with the promise of warmer weather arriving soon, so we decided to put together a collection of our spring-time favorites in pastel hues.  This spring blossom variety collection includes a total of 46 hair flowers, as shown in the picture.

To submit an entry to our giveaway, find the "subscribe to our blog" e-mail entry form on the right side of the page and enter your information.  After subscribing, fill in your entry information in the entry form box below.  To gain an additional entry, you can also post a comment in the comments section at the bottom.


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6 years ago
Brittany Hendricks
6 years ago at 8:55 PM
I absolutely LOVE all the gorgeous flowers offered here @HBC!! So many beautiful colors & styles... so many awesome creations for me to make!!
6 years ago at 6:52 AM
I love all your flowers and products
Amber Norris
6 years ago at 6:53 AM
Flowers, flowers everywhere! I love Spring and HBC!
6 years ago at 6:54 AM
Such pretty spring colors!!
6 years ago at 7:01 AM
Just the colors we need to see after all this winter weather we've been having... So pretty and puts a smile on my face. Love love love
6 years ago at 7:02 AM
Super Cute!
Kristin Vent
6 years ago at 7:03 AM
I think these are simply dreamy!
Jessica Rodriguez
6 years ago at 7:06 AM
cute! love the colors
savannah penrod
6 years ago at 7:12 AM
Love HBC and all of their products!! The ONLY place I will buy from!
6 years ago at 7:13 AM
Beautiful colors! Excited to see more blog posts!!
6 years ago at 7:13 AM
I've bought some of the shabby flowers before & I love them! I would LOVE to win this!!!
6 years ago at 7:17 AM
I can always count on HBC to have the latest styles and colors. I can't wait to order some of these.
Tracy Oliver
6 years ago at 7:19 AM
Woohoo! I love HBC! I order stuff all the time from HBC!!
6 years ago at 7:24 AM
6 years ago at 7:31 AM
These flowers are so pretty! I'm a newbie to making hair accessories, and I keep finding stuff on your site that I just have to have!
6 years ago at 7:32 AM
Love !!!
Kaley Oldham
6 years ago at 7:35 AM
Love hbc and all of their products!
Julie R
6 years ago at 7:44 AM
I just love these flowers! Everything I've purchased from HBC in the past has been absolutely amazing! I'm looking forward to getting some flowers and additions later this month to make some head bands, hair bows and accessories for my brand new niece.
Erin Groff
6 years ago at 7:48 AM
Love these for springtime!
6 years ago at 7:48 AM
I absolutely love everything I have ever purchased from HBC!! These flowers are gorgeous and would make perfect hair pieces for my little girl!
Darcy A
6 years ago at 7:50 AM
Beautiful colors. I would love to win. Thanks for doing this giveaway.
6 years ago at 7:51 AM
Love the variety of flowers offered!
Erika S
6 years ago at 7:54 AM
I love HBC!!! So excited about the giveaway!
Jessica Louise
6 years ago at 7:58 AM
I love hbc the variety and good prices on the site thank you for keeping things affordable
Beth Greenfield
6 years ago at 7:59 AM
Love HBC! Have never been disappointed!
Samantha Pitts
6 years ago at 8:01 AM
Gorgeous flowers -- would be great to add to my inventory!! Hbc is my go to place for supplies!
clarissa Ramirez
6 years ago at 8:03 AM
I Love HBC ...Love the variety n Great Prices...Excited about the Giveaway n Spring colors....
Kim Whitten
6 years ago at 8:06 AM
HBC is the first place I go to look for items I need! Great variety. :)
Emily Bryant
6 years ago at 8:08 AM
I love their products very high quality and highly recommend
mandyl dav
6 years ago at 8:08 AM
Lov e hbc
Alyssa M
6 years ago at 8:09 AM
I'm really looking forward to this giveaway!! I love the flowers you guys have!!
6 years ago at 8:17 AM
This is exciting! I love HBC!
6 years ago at 8:19 AM
Just purchased a variety of flowers and ribbon, the quality and colors will keep me coming back for more : )
6 years ago at 8:35 AM
I love HBC! And I love the flowers!
Elizabeth 'Peffers' Vincent
6 years ago at 8:37 AM
Love the HBC gotten so many beautiful things from here!
Ashley Ochoa
6 years ago at 8:43 AM
Yay giveaways are so exciting!
Nicole Zimmer
6 years ago at 8:52 AM
Super exciting!! Thanks for the chance to win! :)
6 years ago at 8:54 AM
Love these flowers!
Kat Cronk
6 years ago at 8:56 AM
Super excited! Thanks!
Dawn Goksel
6 years ago at 8:58 AM
My birthday is March 6, this would be great for to start with my two girls yay hope I am fortunate with this contest.
6 years ago at 9:00 AM
Omg these are beautiful they would look so cute in my 1month old baby nieces little hair
6 years ago at 9:04 AM
Theses would make beautiful bows and hair clips for my little girls!!!
Adrianne Rachele Praditbatuga
6 years ago at 9:07 AM
Would love to win !!!
Lori Romanowski
6 years ago at 9:10 AM
I get all my flowers and ribbons from HBC! I love the new blog, too!
6 years ago at 9:10 AM
Would love to win these beautiful flowers
Danielle Crosby
6 years ago at 9:15 AM
Sooo pretty!
Teresa Dodson
6 years ago at 9:24 AM
This is an awesome giveaway. I use this site all the time.
Gina Correia
6 years ago at 9:28 AM
Cute flowers! Would love them!
6 years ago at 9:36 AM
These are gorgeous flowers! I've been dying to use these on my headbands! Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the oppurtunity!
Erika D Medina-Curti
6 years ago at 9:37 AM
Woohoo!! I love this site!! It's become my #1 spot for supplies! Love these flowers!
David Beebe
6 years ago at 9:37 AM
They are beautiful flowers
6 years ago at 9:39 AM
awesome give away idea ! .. they are super cute !
6 years ago at 10:10 AM
I love your flowers!
6 years ago at 10:25 AM
Love the colors! Thanks for giving everyone the opportunity!
Colleen Garner
6 years ago at 10:32 AM
Love the colors, perfect for spring and Easter time
6 years ago at 10:52 AM
Love bows.... no bow no go! :)
6 years ago at 11:05 AM
Love the flowers. I ordered some last week; they are beautiful.
Shelly Coulombe
6 years ago at 11:07 AM
These are awesome.
Nicole Alexander
6 years ago at 11:12 AM
I love these colors they are just in time for Spring. I also order ribbon from this site too because of the quality!
6 years ago at 11:44 AM
Annie Moser
6 years ago at 11:44 AM
I Love the Array of colors they are so soft and pretty. Sure to be a huge hit! I Love Hairbow center and the quality Is Superb "-"
Mandy Karnib
6 years ago at 11:47 AM
I recently ordered flowers from hair bow centre and they are absolutely beautiful. Would definitely love to win these beauties to make some special pieces for a special little girl.
6 years ago at 12:13 PM
Love these! The colors are so pretty!
meg edwards
6 years ago at 12:44 PM
They are so soft and delicate looking! Perfect for spring.
Tracey Cooley
6 years ago at 2:24 PM
These are gorgeous so many things I could use them for!
Stephanie Leanne Rockwood
6 years ago at 2:33 PM
I have so many ideas for all this beautiful flowers!
Kelli Usher
6 years ago at 3:13 PM
Beautiful flowers!!
Alma Costa
6 years ago at 3:13 PM
Hopefully I win
Michelle Combs
6 years ago at 3:16 PM
You have some really nice items! I am stil trying to make perfect bows!
Lori Watson
6 years ago at 4:32 PM
Beautiful products!!
Michelle Tellez
6 years ago at 5:01 PM
These are beautiful, thanks for the chance to win them!
Sheila Sparkle
6 years ago at 6:36 PM
They are gorgeous!
Darla Parker Doyle
6 years ago at 7:48 PM
I know someone(me!) who will be doing a little shopping !
Bethany Dunn
6 years ago at 8:40 PM
These flowers make me excited for Spring and to create beautiful hair accessories!
6 years ago at 8:58 PM
Love these! Can't wait to make some new bows!
6 years ago at 9:06 PM
I can just imagine the beautiful creations I could make with these beauties! So excited!
6 years ago at 9:22 PM
Love the colors!
6 years ago at 9:37 PM
The centers are my favorite! They make the flowers so much fancier than just a plain rhinestone:)
6 years ago at 11:23 PM
These are so pretty! Love all these colors!
Jamie Wells Rocha
6 years ago at 12:33 AM
Tanya LeAnn Shelton
6 years ago at 1:49 AM
Awesome beautiful!
Cassie Wilson
6 years ago at 5:55 AM
Thank you for the awesome giveaway! :)
Shelby Stallings
6 years ago at 6:04 AM
Love all the pretty pastels! Can't wait for spring :)
6 years ago at 7:46 AM
Love!! love !!!love!!! this website very affordable and great quality especially the flowers, and their shipping is the best very fast since I live in California.
Sarah's Sparkling Designs
6 years ago at 9:38 AM
these would be so cute as party favors for my daughters 4th birthday party!!!!
Cindy Prill
6 years ago at 10:15 AM
So many ideas, love the colors!!!
6 years ago at 11:54 AM
I hope I win..... so very pretty a must for my projects!
6 years ago at 2:07 PM
Gorgeous flowers, would love to win <3
6 years ago at 6:12 PM
love them all :)
6 years ago at 9:16 AM
Love love this site
6 years ago at 1:23 PM
Oh my, Oh my these flowers are so beautiful! Good Luck to everyone including myself!
Sandy McFadden
6 years ago at 5:37 PM
I love all the pretty colors and different types of flowers.
Tracie Bauguess
6 years ago at 7:11 PM
Milly Biscardi Voskanyan
6 years ago at 7:46 PM
These are the prettiest bows I've seen!
Tami Bates
6 years ago at 8:02 PM
Love flowers and feathers in my hair
Evelyn Chuter
6 years ago at 8:13 PM
Those are beautiful and they they would look lovely in my granddaughters hair.
6 years ago at 9:18 PM
So pretty! These would be great to add to my headband collection! :)
jennifer brady
6 years ago at 11:53 AM
Pretty pretty pretty
Linda B
6 years ago at 11:53 PM
These are so pretty. I would love to have this for my granddaughter. She will look so cute in them.
6 years ago at 6:54 AM
I love the hair bows they are amazing:)
6 years ago at 9:04 AM
I love your site for ribbon but havent ordered flowers yet so this would be an awesome start to sample them!
Annette Chalmers
6 years ago at 12:32 PM
I love your flowers!!!
Keshana Kirkland
6 years ago at 4:27 PM
I love these flowers and this website is awesome. I didn't wait long for my order and the product quality is great.
6 years ago at 10:30 AM
I would love to have these flowers to make headband to sell in my booth!
6 years ago at 7:12 PM
I would love to use these to make more headbands for my daughter. I love y the products from hairbow center and it being a local kansas owned business is awesome
6 years ago at 9:14 PM
Love the way they look on my daughter
6 years ago at 10:42 PM
So pretty and perfect for spring!