Tulle Hair Bows

Tulle Hair Bows
how to make tulle hair bow Contributor post by Danielle at Korker Krazy

Danielle here again!! Today I'm going to show you how to make these easy tulle hair bows! Have you seen all the amazing colors of tulle that HBC has?!

Supplies Needed: Tulle (6") Purple, Pink Upholstery Thread and Needle Scissors Hot Glue Gun & Glue Empty 3/8" Ribbon Spool Cardboard Piece Felt Circles Alligator Clips

Bow #1 - Tulle Puff

DSCN5495Step 1: Cut the center out of your empty ribbon spool. DSCN5496Clip one end of your purple tulle to the top of the ribbon spool. Wrap your tulle around the spool several times (I wrapped mine about 8 times, the more you wrap it the bigger your finished bow will be). Use your alligator clips to hold the tulle in place. DSCN5497

DSCN5499Continue the same steps with your pink tulle.


Step 2: Keep your alligator clips on your tulle. Wrap your upholstery thread around the center of your tulle, pull tightly and tie off.

DSCN5502DSCN5503Step 3: Cut the ends of your tulle. Place your scissors in-between the tulle and the ribbon spool. After your cut both ends your tulle puff will look a little wild! Use your scissors to trim up the uneven spots.

DSCN5504DSCN5505Step 4: Fluff your bow! Gently pull on the tulle ends until you achieve the look you desire.

DSCN5506Hot glue your felt circle to the bottom of your bow.

DSCN5508Attach your lined clip!

Bow #2 - Tulle Bow Tie

DSCN5509Step 1: Cut out a piece of cardboard 5" x 8".

DSCN5510Start loosely wrapping your tulle around the cardboard. I wrapped my tulle around the board ten times.


After you are done wrapping the tulle carefully slide the cardboard piece out.


Step 2: Crease and fold your bow. I used a jumbo salon clip to hold the bow in place while I got my needle and thread ready.


DSCN5515 Thread through the center of your bow and tie a knot.

DSCN5516DSCN5517Step 3: Trim your ends. Hold the bow in the folded position and use scissors to trim your ends. If you try cutting the bow when it is not folded your ends will be uneven.


DSCN5520Step 4: Add a matching piece of tulle to the center. Hot glue one end of the tulle to the back of the bow, wrap the tulle around several ties and hot glue the end to the back.

DSCN5522Add your lined clip the back of the bow.

How easy were those?! They were quick to make and are so cute!!

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