Marabou Poof - Valentine's Day Flair

Marabou Poof - Valentine's Day Flair
By Beth
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Marabou Poof - Valentine's Day Flair


With Valentines Day just around the corner who doesn't want to add some feathers and a little bit of dramatic flair to their day? Whether you want to put it on a headband, create a brooch pin, or add it to a simple clip this easy craft is certain to catch admirable attention.

Here is a list of things you will need:

  • one light pink curly ostrich marabou boa

  • one 1.75" white circle felt pad

  • one rhinestone with pearls embellishment center

  • scissors

  • glue gun

  • white string (optional, not pictured)

  • butter knife (optional, not pictured)


To begin with, play around with the marabou positioning it around the felt pad making sure the cord of the marabou is on the pad as much as possible. If you just have the feathers touching the felt pad it probably wont stay glued together very well.


In making mine, I went around the circumference of the felt pad once with the marabou cord and overlapped the end by a small amount. I only used five and a half inches to create the whole poof.  Once you have it to where the ends are overlapping you can trim the extra marabou off. This is where I like to tie a piece of string tightly around the overlapped ends to tie them together (optional).  Otherwise, the ends have a tendency to want to come unglued and stick up.

Now it's time to begin gluing. I started by gluing the ends down, making sure to keep the cord on the felt pad. After the ends were secure, I pulled the rest of the marabou up away from the pad to apply glue all over the felt pad and then carefully applied pressure to secure the marabou to the pad. In doing this part, you will want to be extremely careful, because you don't want to burn yourself. Some of the feathers will be glued to the center of the pad, but that's okay; it adds color behind the embellishment when you add it.


To add the embellishment all you have to do is put a good sized amount of glue in the center of the poof and then press the embellishment onto it, adding moderate pressure to ensure that it is firmly glued. After you have done that your project is complete! You can take it one step further by adding a clip to the back and/or attaching it to a headband.


You can also add more curl to some of the strands of feathers if they aren't curly enough. All you need to do is use the blunt side (back) of a butter knife and pull it across the different strands. Basically like scissors and ribbon. Remember not to use the regular side because this will cause damage to the feathers. This step is optional also, but will be handy if the marabou isn't as curly as you would like.

Thanks so much for reading!

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6 years ago